Monday, September 30, 2013

TAFYH Project Outline

Day 1 : Meet and Greet

Day 2 : An explanation of how it all works.

Lesson 1 Commitment, Body System Questionnaire,Health Scale

Lesson 2 Right Foods

Lesson 3 Left Foods : Those That Should Be Left Behind.

Lesson 4 The Ocean Within

Lesson 5 Photosynthesis

Lesson 6 There Are Holes in Your Gut, Dear Liza 

Lesson 7 Candida: Candi-Duh !

Lesson 8 Cleansing Your River of Life

Lesson 9 Inflammation

Lesson 10 Are You HOT Enough ! 

Lesson 11 The Immune System

Lesson 12 Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood in Your Body

Lesson 13 Earth Element: The  Lymphatic System

Lesson 14 Metal Element: YourTubes

Lesson 15 Hering’s Law and Order

Lesson 16 Water Element: Your Kidneys and Their Relatives

Lesson 17 pH, The Real Story

Lesson 18 Kidney Flush

Lesson 19 Fire Element: Your Internal Generator

Lesson 20 Oral Chelation

Lesson 21 CoQ10 

Lesson 22 Wood Element: Your Electrical System

Lesson 23 Liver/Gallbladder Flush

Lesson 24 The Time Bomb in Your Mouth

Lesson 25 Getting What You Are Paying For? Quality Control

Lesson 26 Cleaner Than a Whistle

Lesson 27 Are You Ready For the Next Big One?

Lesson 28 The BIG C: Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

Lesson 29 Failing to Plan Means Planning to Fail

Lesson 30 ELF’s and EMF’s

Lesson 31 Your Grey Matter Matters

Completion Ceremony