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Mary's Successful Results From Taking TAFYH

This TAFYH program is excellent for committing to your health as a priority.  I was hesitant in taking it since I was so busy, but I’m so glad I did. It has helped me commit more fully to my health & family’s. I was dabbling in it before, taking shakes, but did not improve what I was eating.

Even though I am not 100% there, I am on my way. I have seen improvements in mine & my husband’s health. A few months ago, I was having almost constant heartburn after eating, during the day and at night. Since reducing wheat & taking ULC-R, Colostrum, Protease Plus & Garden Essence, my heartburn is mostly non-existent. Don’t get any, except if I cheat & eat something I shouldn’t. I see the difference – I have lost a bit of weight (4-5 lbs. so far), & have more energy in the afternoons. Most importantly my heartburn has disappeared!

My husband pulled a muscle in his leg around June-July this year. He had pain all the way down his leg, in his joints, and sciatic nerve.  I gave him 2 shakes a day with Mineral Chi Tonic, Chlorophyll, Aloe Vera juice, Collatrim Plus, Green Zone & TNT powder; as well as Colostrum, MC & capsicum. He cut down on wheat & sugar, and is seeing a difference already. Thank you for all the knowledge we received with this program. 

Susan's Results After Taking TAFYH

I have suffered from eczema for several years. I mainly get eczema on my knees and legs. It has been a very painful, itchy and embarrassing experience for me for many years. Through the course of the past 6 weeks on the TAFYH program, I have been taking a number of herbs, but I believe taking super omega oils and drinking healthy smoothies daily has helped my eczema to virtually disappear. I am so grateful that I can go to the beach in a bathing suit this year without people staring at my legs and asking what is wrong with me. It is great to be eczema free. 

Susan's Evaluation of TAFYH

The timing was perfect. I really appreciated the short  15 minutes. Thank you for keeping right on time.

I was so inspired by other people's health actions and goals. I was grateful everyone shared because I learned so much from others

I loved learning everything about herbs, diets and cleanses. I had several awakening moments even though I knew a lot of the information. I think that daily study and practice is the key to success in health, exercise, diet and life.

I enjoyed the very structured calls. I learned so much from the daily practice that was established for me during this time period. I enjoy waking up early and exercising before the calls and I plan to continue this habit.

I was able to share this program with several of my friends. I am hoping down the road that I will lead my own groups of coaching people in the future.

I thought that daily commitments were a great way to start the day. I loved taking on the daily challenges and working towards something.

I was able to apply the lessons each day into my life. I love the health smoothies that Kurt makes me every day that incorporate Aloe Vera, Sol Stick, Argenine and Collatrim. I also love taking my Chlorophyll through out the day.

I believe that the lessons on teeth and lymphatics were the most impactful in my life. I am getting my teeth fixed because I believe that most of my health issues stem from my problematic tooth.

Reaching out
I was able to share with several friends and as a result, several are inspired to take on this program in the future.

My scores improved.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Says Jasse

TIme: For me time was perfect. It gave me reason to get up with excitement to talk to like minded individuals.

Participation: Participation makes U feel that U R in a class. U get the experience of six individuals from diffenent anglel instead of one. It seemed like 6 in1 body.

Education: the knowledge I reaceived in the past 6 weeks is like an eye opening, like an excess to the jewls in the ocean.

Structure: It was well explained in the begining no surprises in terms of what was expected from us.

Information: ocean of knowledge. every day was an exciting day for me. I am thankful to God for making some one be able to produce high quality, life giving products AND connecting me with those individuals to have the excess to all the product, at the same time teaching how to use and what to use for particular kind of health problem.

Commitment:  Only 15 min in the morning is not hard to commit.

Application: I was healping people get health by improving their diet, but I am so happy and now I have more confidence that I would be able to hepl them build thier immune system so their body will be able to fight with any dis ease.

Implication: I am sure with time I would be able to remember what to use for what kind of health issue. Every thing is made so easy. HEALTH LESSON FOR  DUMMIES

BSQ'S:It is so amazing how you can find out in minutes the functioning of your body system. what system needs attention and with follow up visits you can see the improvement.

Comments: WOW WOW WOW ....... THE best knowledge of this world in the  palm of our hand now and it is made so easy to share with others. From the very begining it seemed to me that I know you for a long time. Kathy you were very helpful, I am thankful to you for answering all my emails. But it is not the end of questions just the beginning OK. 


Claire is Most Thankful For TAFYH


I have attended a 6-week Taking Action for your Health (T.A.F.Y.H.) teleconference  course, and strongly believe that it is the best investment I could have made in myself, my family and friends to gain knowledge about real  health. It has given me an understanding that the human body has an enormous capacity for self healing, and is designed to be healthy when provided with all the essential building blocks.

Tafyh  educates its participants about how to prevent and reverse health challengs with an extensive science-based and solid nutritional programme. It works in harmony with the human body to provide the knowledge, nutrients, cleansing, natural supplements, mindset & support to help anyone. The course is limited to six participants for six weeks, for fifteen miutes each day. The format is structured with daily interaction, accountability and commitments. It also includes an  education presentation and daily e-mailed script after each class. High-quality super food suggestions and a variety of herbals are discussed as well as the reason  these products are used as opposed to any others, and what they are capable of achieving. 
I have gained much knowledge on how the body functions, and it has given me the confidence in applying this information to help others.  Preparing a Body System Questionnaire (BSQ), as a form of measurement, especially for acquaintances has given me the tool to offer them a snapshot of their health, and target the system that needs attention. Those that were interested often purchased high-quality super foods and supplements suggested.
I have benefitted greatly from the Tafyh programme by employing the principles set out in each lesson which I believe will help me and my family live a life of robust health and joy. There was always information in each lesson that I found most enlightening;  it's the kind of course I wish was available in  high school so that I could overcome obstacles to my optimal wellness.  Health is not the absence of disease but a state of optimal health.

I am most thankful to my TAFYH coach, Donna Roth, for the time and effort she put into the course. She has been most dedicated and caring, and her daily presentations were  well-written, clear and concise. I will be forever grateful to her.


Nick, " I can now help many more people who have health issues."


After taking this course I can now help many more people who have health issues.

Now I have very simple but effective tools to show people were they are in their health.

  1. Body Systems Questionaire
  2. ABC & D Nutritional Program Worksheet
  3. We have scientifically proven information about any disease why it appears in people and what they should do to improve their well being

Just look at it –if we help one person recover his health it will effect not just him.
            First—That person will be happy and have life
            Second—His family will be happy and more healthy
            Third—He will be more productive for e company that he works for
            Forth—Everyone with whom this person associates with will be more effective in a positive way   
            Fifth—His bank account will be more fatty, because now he will be more                                       productive.
            Sixth—He will start to share good news with other people about his recovery
                        And they  will start to do the same
            Seven—Healthy family’s—Healthy Country

I am very glad that I made this decision to take this course as I am so happy with all that I have learned.

Thanks to God and Donna for this course

God Bless you Donna

Thanks so much  Nik

November 22,2013 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Review from Mary

Time: I found this to be a little bit rushed. A 20 minute program might have been better. I found it amazing how much information can be given in such a short time.  There was a lot of information to absorb every day. Mid-day was great for me, even though I had to make an effort to get away each day.

Participation: I like the participation format. Listening to others & repeating the previous lesson every day helps us to learn it better. It helped me to stay accountable & want to do the homework to report the next day.  Doing the cleanses for homework was a great idea to help us to accomplish them.

Education: The education I have received in these past few weeks is extremely invaluable to me & was exactly what everyone is searching for to better learn how to improve their health.  This education has given me a wider knowledge to be able to help others and be able to better explain and counsel them as to what is happening with their health. Thank you.

Structure: I liked the structure. Being kept accountable reminded us to stay on track.

Information: For me, every single day was filled with useful information. It was a bit overwhelming at times.  There was sometimes too much information to absorb for one day.  I will have to read & reread the lessons to keep learning & growing.  Having the lessons in print form so I can review the information over and over is definitely a big plus.  I appreciate the fact that the lessons were emailed to us in print to review again & again.

Commitment: I didn`t think I had the time to dedicate to learning more about health. I think that people make time for whatever they really think is important or a priority, like you mentioned.

Application: This course has definitely helped me be more confident in understanding herbs and how the body works together. Everyone should be taking this course to learn more about how to improve their health & how everything is connected. I will be able to apply the information that I learned as I empower others to take on their health & learn how to improve it.

Implications: The implications of all I have learned is still very hard to comprehend. I still have to go over all the lessons again & again to absorb more info to be able to teach others.

Reaching Others:  Again, through this course I have gained more confidence in talking to people about their health. I will continue to learn & absorb more info.
BSQ’s as form of measurement:  The BSQ`s are a good idea to work & get people to pinpoint what body system needs improvement. I really like how it pinpoints the system that they need to work on.  It is a great tool!

Comments: I am overwhelmed at how much knowledge there is to learn about health, and what so many people don’t know.  I am very very grateful to you and for all the work & effort that went into preparing & giving this course. I will continue to mention it to people to take this course to learn more about improving their health.

I enjoyed this class immensely.  Terrific!!

 Thank you 

Jan Truly Enjoyed Every Lesson That Was Taught

Every day like clockwork, m-f like going to school or to work, our day started off thinking about health and body.  I had enough time to make a smoothie, exercise, do ionic breathing and drink chlorophyll water.  The am was a great start time

From exercising, doing cleanses and reading lessons. 
Every day was with accountability.  Having the TAFYH team work together made it interesting as to what their interpretation of the lesson was.  The TAFYH team showing up on time reinforced my commitment to the team and to myself.

The education taught in the TAFYH course is so dense and complete.
It gives you a complete understanding in how the body works.  how the body breaks down and how to reverse and repair the process
You can and I have spent many hours, collecting dots on health TAFYH connects the dots and takes the guesswork out.
The impact of this education is incredibly valuable to me as well as my family.
So much information about the health put together all in one course. 

The course was set up extremely well. Fast pace. Each lesson intense and complete- Interesting to add the Chinese elements. We have come away better educated about health.

In 7 short weeks we have dense and complete understanding of the health of the body.
Sometimes it was a bit overwhelming with all the referral information added- but now can go back and reread some of the footnotes. 
Anyone interested in their health should take TAFYH
Anyone who has a disease this course will help them understand why they have it. 

Calling in on the  conference, call everyday with other TAFYH members, helped me to commit for the day.
Being asked if we had completed our assignments keeps you aware of what is expected of you. 
I needed the groups energy with me everyday to help me focus.

I love the value the BSQ's give you- its easy to determine your weakest areas. When you redo your BSQ in 7 weeks you have measurable differences. 
Also the Candida Saliva test and the body temp tests are helpful guidelines. Easy to pass on. 

The information I am armed with now, LOOK OUT I used to talk my head off about health- now I have some power punches to stop them in their tracks.
Everyone should know the damaged being done to their bodies. but not everybody will be at the right space to receive the information.
I will have to learn to let that go.

I am in the perfect position for this as I work in the field of health.
People need to be educated this is an amazing way to let them know there is more than one way to treat illness.

Again I am astonished in 7 weeks at the difference in my BSQ numbers.
Seeing your top three structures that need to be repaired- then seeing the numbers change as you progress along. This is a handy tool in reaching others and where they should start with their health.

The TAFYH course came to me in a time of need. I am so grateful for the energy that brought this program to me.  I am so grateful to Donna and her daughter for all the hours and dedication it took to put this highly educational health structure together.
Such and amazing guide line for us.
I am also grateful that there is a company " Natures Sunshine" who's standards and integrity are the gold standard.  They bring us the cleanest, quality controlled, products that simply do their job. 
This course should be taught in the schools to educate our youth about their bodies and health
I truly enjoyed every lesson taught and will apply it to my own life daily.

Health Plan
do 1-2 smoothies per day add to them 
Super dense nutrients like
Flax lignans, 
soltice energy, Collatrim, Arginine and Aloe Vera
Walk 1/2 hour every day
Ionic breath every day
Do 2 or more water and chlorophyll
I will omit from my diet
Alcohol, Sugar, Processed Foods, Grains and Dairy.
I will use my brain energy in a postive attitude about my health.
Definately taking action for a healthier body.

Thank you Jan

Joe Enjoyed Doing the Different Cleanses

TIME: 9:30 was a good time for me however, this time of the year was not good for me as it is a very busy time of the year.
           Some days it was quite a challenge to be on the call,
PARTICIPATION: It was good to have other people on the call and to hear different perspectives.

EDUCATION: Although I was familiar with most of the material, it was a good refresher. Some of the information was new
                        and it was very nice to add to my tool box.

STRUCTURE: Everything lesson was set up so that it was very easy to absorb

INFORMATION: I  loved learning more about Nature's Sunshine products and their uses

COMMITMENT: Having such a commitment was quite a challenge due to the high work load that I have and the cost factor that I had.
                           I was quite  proud that I was able to attend most of the meetings.

APPLICATION: I am now more confident in using the BSQ forms and recommending product

IMPLICATIONS: It is hard not to get everybody to do a BSQ

REACHING OTHERS: After this course I am more comfortable in recommending nutrients and supplements to others

BSQ'S  AS A FORM OF MEASUREMENT: I love the BSQ's  and how detailed they are

COMMENTS: Great course. I highly recommend it to any who is prepared to improve their health. I thoroughly enjoyed learning and doing the
                        different cleanses.


Tina Says TAFYH Changed Her Life

Time:  I loved that it was only 15 minutes a day and you always started on time and ended on time and the lessons were jam packed with information.  Having the lessons in the morning kept me on track for the day.

Participation:  I liked how everyone was called upon at each class to be accountable to our commitments and through this you share each others trials and successes.  It is a huge suppor system and that's why its so effective.

Education:  The lessons are full of so much information that you have to re-read them a few times.  It made me look at m body and all the systems of my body and realize that my organs like the liver, kidneys, etc have such an important role in a healthy body and I did not give my body good foods at all to function.  A person knows the truth when you hear it and this program just makes sense!

Structure:  Very good structure to the program.  I wouldn't change anything.

Information:  I enjoyed every lesson and looked forward to it everyday.  I always learned something new.  The information is life changing and it has made me look at food and my body in a whole different way.

Commitment:  Every day you commit to your actions to the rest of the team.  I was so committed to this program because everyday you had to share how you did.  The team also committed to helping one another was awesome.  The day that we all took a stand and physical stood up for support to Marilyn, who's battling cancer, was one of the most moving times I got to share.  Loved it!!!!!!!!!

Application:  The great thing about this program is it applies to everyone.  Whether you have smaller ailments, need to lose weight, or are fighting big diseases like heart disease and cancer. 

Implications;  The implications of what I have learned are so life changing that I know with 100% certainty I will not revert back to my old habits.  It has made me appreciate food in its natural state and now I try to eat the healthy colours of the rainbow.  The knowledge we acquired about herbals was immense and to look at them as the superfoods that our bodies need.

Reaching Others - Through this program, it gave me so much excitement that I couldn't help sharing it with others because I want people to experience the energy and health benefits that I'm experiencing. 

BSQ as a form of measurement - I think whoever designed the Body Systems Questionnaire was very intelligent cause its right on the mark with which body system's need improvement.  It's awesome to have this questionnaire because its so easy to use and you can help people to choose herbals that will improve their health and help make a health plan just for that person.

Comments;  I can't say enough how happy I am that my mom called me that day to turn on the radio the day you were on CKLQ.  It has changed my life and I remember phoning Marilyn and that day she was told that there wasn't anything left the doctors could do for her cancer besides give her a couple treatments to buy her some time.  I told Marilyn I would do this program with her for support.  I know, following this program, Marilyn will be cancer free and I am going to reach my goal weight and not gain it back.

There are no words to express my gratitude to you, Donna, and all the hard work you put into designing this program.

Thank you!!!

This Program Is Fantastic Says Dennis

TAFYH Evaluation:

Time: The time commitment I find to be 40-60 Minutes a day, depending on the Lesson and the homework, which is very reasonable for the amount of knowledge that one gains. 

Participation Format: The format keeps you on track and present to your commitments, and listening to the others is very inspirational. 

Education: The lessons are very informative, and the fact that the quotes and references are in the material is powerful as it creates credibility and gives one the option of researching further.

Structure: The morning lesson and the follow up in print form is really effective, as it takes you through various learning methods, listening, reading, writing (Journal). 

Information: The information provided is very condense and powerful, I have learned more about health in the last month and a half, then I have in my whole life till now. 

Application: It is useful information that can make a difference for someone right away, the application is direct. 

Implications: My life is changed, I now connect sugar directly to cancer and disease, therefore avoiding it is easy. 
My health is significantly better, and I can see if others are healthy or not. 

Reaching others: I am committed to helping others, and the TAFYH program gives me somewhere to stand, that supports me and them. 

BSQ as a form of measurement: My BSQ count has come down from 49 to 19, so I think it is a very good measuring tool, and I have found that it is a great conversation starter when talking to people. 

Comments: This program is fantastic and I very excited to be on board with it, I have learned so much and I am excited that I can better help others now. 

Thank you Donna.     

Saturday, January 18, 2014

TAFYH Allows All Of Us To Reach Out!

July 03 2013
Time:  This worked out great for me.  I am a busy 63 years young lady who starts her day a 6 am.  My “Health Ministry” takes up about 60 hours a week of my time and is very enjoyable and rewarding to watch people’s health turn around.    First thing in the morning is a great way to start your day with TAFYH as it gets you refocused on your “Pathway to Health”.   I found it amazing how much information can be given in 15 minutes.
Participation: I like the participation format. I have been in this field full time for 25 plus years and am always amazed to learn from others.   Listening to everyone is a great help and support. The participation aspect also helped me to stay accountable. It is a great way to experience what you are teaching.  Leading a very busy fruitful life just like the “shoemaker who has no shoes,” often I run behind on my own health journey.  TAFYH BROUGHT ME BACK ON TRACK.  Having the information daily on what was expected of me was great.  I would get it done and get on with my day.  I slipped up the odd time but was very aware of it through TAFYH and TAFYH brought me back on track. 
Education: As a Educator myself I  did not take TAFYH for sometime as I teach many similar courses.  However after listening to the way Donna had compiled her information and in the format it was presented I decided to ‘bite the bullet’ so to speak and give it a whirl.  AND now I am a TAFYH Coach and teaching the program to others.  Changing lives in a positive healthy way. 
Structure: I liked the structure. I am a very “get things moving person. “  TAFYH ties up only 15 minutes of my day and changes  lives forever-  once you learn and follow the daily format.  I also liked knowing what was expected of me every day.
Information: I am a book load of information myself with many courses in bettering ones knowledge and understanding of health.  However it was wonderful to be a “STUDENT” again and been revived in areas that we sometimes forget about.   Having the lessons emailed afterwards in print form so I can review the information is a big plus.

Commitment: Having the class first thing in the morning and only 15 min. made for a success in commitment.  Even being on holidays or away with work one can just dial in and get the lesson for the day.  YEAH
Application: This course instills confidence and understanding on how the body works together learning how important diet, exercise and super food supplementation is.   
Reaching Others:  It is a great program and all taking it can become a TAFYH Coach and help others in their health journey.  One gains confidence and realizes that all of us can reach out.  The simplicity is great. 
BSQ’s as form of measurement: I love the BSQ’s!! I found that the people I asked to do them were very open to them and purchased product.  Once they did a BSQ they could see where their health was at or going. I really like how it pinpoints the system that they need to work on.
I can follow up with them and do another BSQ and get all their systems working properly.  As a health coach I can see how you could work with a person for a while getting their different systems under control. An excellent tool!
Comments: I am very grateful to Donna for her love and compassion for people and her never ending challenge of teaching and educating us on Healthy Lifestyle Solutions.    I enjoyed this class immensely.  Very Good!!