Saturday, January 18, 2014

TAFYH Allows All Of Us To Reach Out!

July 03 2013
Time:  This worked out great for me.  I am a busy 63 years young lady who starts her day a 6 am.  My “Health Ministry” takes up about 60 hours a week of my time and is very enjoyable and rewarding to watch people’s health turn around.    First thing in the morning is a great way to start your day with TAFYH as it gets you refocused on your “Pathway to Health”.   I found it amazing how much information can be given in 15 minutes.
Participation: I like the participation format. I have been in this field full time for 25 plus years and am always amazed to learn from others.   Listening to everyone is a great help and support. The participation aspect also helped me to stay accountable. It is a great way to experience what you are teaching.  Leading a very busy fruitful life just like the “shoemaker who has no shoes,” often I run behind on my own health journey.  TAFYH BROUGHT ME BACK ON TRACK.  Having the information daily on what was expected of me was great.  I would get it done and get on with my day.  I slipped up the odd time but was very aware of it through TAFYH and TAFYH brought me back on track. 
Education: As a Educator myself I  did not take TAFYH for sometime as I teach many similar courses.  However after listening to the way Donna had compiled her information and in the format it was presented I decided to ‘bite the bullet’ so to speak and give it a whirl.  AND now I am a TAFYH Coach and teaching the program to others.  Changing lives in a positive healthy way. 
Structure: I liked the structure. I am a very “get things moving person. “  TAFYH ties up only 15 minutes of my day and changes  lives forever-  once you learn and follow the daily format.  I also liked knowing what was expected of me every day.
Information: I am a book load of information myself with many courses in bettering ones knowledge and understanding of health.  However it was wonderful to be a “STUDENT” again and been revived in areas that we sometimes forget about.   Having the lessons emailed afterwards in print form so I can review the information is a big plus.

Commitment: Having the class first thing in the morning and only 15 min. made for a success in commitment.  Even being on holidays or away with work one can just dial in and get the lesson for the day.  YEAH
Application: This course instills confidence and understanding on how the body works together learning how important diet, exercise and super food supplementation is.   
Reaching Others:  It is a great program and all taking it can become a TAFYH Coach and help others in their health journey.  One gains confidence and realizes that all of us can reach out.  The simplicity is great. 
BSQ’s as form of measurement: I love the BSQ’s!! I found that the people I asked to do them were very open to them and purchased product.  Once they did a BSQ they could see where their health was at or going. I really like how it pinpoints the system that they need to work on.
I can follow up with them and do another BSQ and get all their systems working properly.  As a health coach I can see how you could work with a person for a while getting their different systems under control. An excellent tool!
Comments: I am very grateful to Donna for her love and compassion for people and her never ending challenge of teaching and educating us on Healthy Lifestyle Solutions.    I enjoyed this class immensely.  Very Good!!