Monday, January 20, 2014

Joe Enjoyed Doing the Different Cleanses

TIME: 9:30 was a good time for me however, this time of the year was not good for me as it is a very busy time of the year.
           Some days it was quite a challenge to be on the call,
PARTICIPATION: It was good to have other people on the call and to hear different perspectives.

EDUCATION: Although I was familiar with most of the material, it was a good refresher. Some of the information was new
                        and it was very nice to add to my tool box.

STRUCTURE: Everything lesson was set up so that it was very easy to absorb

INFORMATION: I  loved learning more about Nature's Sunshine products and their uses

COMMITMENT: Having such a commitment was quite a challenge due to the high work load that I have and the cost factor that I had.
                           I was quite  proud that I was able to attend most of the meetings.

APPLICATION: I am now more confident in using the BSQ forms and recommending product

IMPLICATIONS: It is hard not to get everybody to do a BSQ

REACHING OTHERS: After this course I am more comfortable in recommending nutrients and supplements to others

BSQ'S  AS A FORM OF MEASUREMENT: I love the BSQ's  and how detailed they are

COMMENTS: Great course. I highly recommend it to any who is prepared to improve their health. I thoroughly enjoyed learning and doing the
                        different cleanses.