Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wow! Wow! Wow! Says Jasse

TIme: For me time was perfect. It gave me reason to get up with excitement to talk to like minded individuals.

Participation: Participation makes U feel that U R in a class. U get the experience of six individuals from diffenent anglel instead of one. It seemed like 6 in1 body.

Education: the knowledge I reaceived in the past 6 weeks is like an eye opening, like an excess to the jewls in the ocean.

Structure: It was well explained in the begining no surprises in terms of what was expected from us.

Information: ocean of knowledge. every day was an exciting day for me. I am thankful to God for making some one be able to produce high quality, life giving products AND connecting me with those individuals to have the excess to all the product, at the same time teaching how to use and what to use for particular kind of health problem.

Commitment:  Only 15 min in the morning is not hard to commit.

Application: I was healping people get health by improving their diet, but I am so happy and now I have more confidence that I would be able to hepl them build thier immune system so their body will be able to fight with any dis ease.

Implication: I am sure with time I would be able to remember what to use for what kind of health issue. Every thing is made so easy. HEALTH LESSON FOR  DUMMIES

BSQ'S:It is so amazing how you can find out in minutes the functioning of your body system. what system needs attention and with follow up visits you can see the improvement.

Comments: WOW WOW WOW ....... THE best knowledge of this world in the  palm of our hand now and it is made so easy to share with others. From the very begining it seemed to me that I know you for a long time. Kathy you were very helpful, I am thankful to you for answering all my emails. But it is not the end of questions just the beginning OK.