Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mary's Successful Results From Taking TAFYH

This TAFYH program is excellent for committing to your health as a priority.  I was hesitant in taking it since I was so busy, but I’m so glad I did. It has helped me commit more fully to my health & family’s. I was dabbling in it before, taking shakes, but did not improve what I was eating.

Even though I am not 100% there, I am on my way. I have seen improvements in mine & my husband’s health. A few months ago, I was having almost constant heartburn after eating, during the day and at night. Since reducing wheat & taking ULC-R, Colostrum, Protease Plus & Garden Essence, my heartburn is mostly non-existent. Don’t get any, except if I cheat & eat something I shouldn’t. I see the difference – I have lost a bit of weight (4-5 lbs. so far), & have more energy in the afternoons. Most importantly my heartburn has disappeared!

My husband pulled a muscle in his leg around June-July this year. He had pain all the way down his leg, in his joints, and sciatic nerve.  I gave him 2 shakes a day with Mineral Chi Tonic, Chlorophyll, Aloe Vera juice, Collatrim Plus, Green Zone & TNT powder; as well as Colostrum, MC & capsicum. He cut down on wheat & sugar, and is seeing a difference already. Thank you for all the knowledge we received with this program.