Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nick, " I can now help many more people who have health issues."


After taking this course I can now help many more people who have health issues.

Now I have very simple but effective tools to show people were they are in their health.

  1. Body Systems Questionaire
  2. ABC & D Nutritional Program Worksheet
  3. We have scientifically proven information about any disease why it appears in people and what they should do to improve their well being

Just look at it –if we help one person recover his health it will effect not just him.
            First—That person will be happy and have life
            Second—His family will be happy and more healthy
            Third—He will be more productive for e company that he works for
            Forth—Everyone with whom this person associates with will be more effective in a positive way   
            Fifth—His bank account will be more fatty, because now he will be more                                       productive.
            Sixth—He will start to share good news with other people about his recovery
                        And they  will start to do the same
            Seven—Healthy family’s—Healthy Country

I am very glad that I made this decision to take this course as I am so happy with all that I have learned.

Thanks to God and Donna for this course

God Bless you Donna

Thanks so much  Nik

November 22,2013