Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Susan's Evaluation of TAFYH

The timing was perfect. I really appreciated the short  15 minutes. Thank you for keeping right on time.

I was so inspired by other people's health actions and goals. I was grateful everyone shared because I learned so much from others

I loved learning everything about herbs, diets and cleanses. I had several awakening moments even though I knew a lot of the information. I think that daily study and practice is the key to success in health, exercise, diet and life.

I enjoyed the very structured calls. I learned so much from the daily practice that was established for me during this time period. I enjoy waking up early and exercising before the calls and I plan to continue this habit.

I was able to share this program with several of my friends. I am hoping down the road that I will lead my own groups of coaching people in the future.

I thought that daily commitments were a great way to start the day. I loved taking on the daily challenges and working towards something.

I was able to apply the lessons each day into my life. I love the health smoothies that Kurt makes me every day that incorporate Aloe Vera, Sol Stick, Argenine and Collatrim. I also love taking my Chlorophyll through out the day.

I believe that the lessons on teeth and lymphatics were the most impactful in my life. I am getting my teeth fixed because I believe that most of my health issues stem from my problematic tooth.

Reaching out
I was able to share with several friends and as a result, several are inspired to take on this program in the future.

My scores improved.