Monday, January 20, 2014

Jan Truly Enjoyed Every Lesson That Was Taught

Every day like clockwork, m-f like going to school or to work, our day started off thinking about health and body.  I had enough time to make a smoothie, exercise, do ionic breathing and drink chlorophyll water.  The am was a great start time

From exercising, doing cleanses and reading lessons. 
Every day was with accountability.  Having the TAFYH team work together made it interesting as to what their interpretation of the lesson was.  The TAFYH team showing up on time reinforced my commitment to the team and to myself.

The education taught in the TAFYH course is so dense and complete.
It gives you a complete understanding in how the body works.  how the body breaks down and how to reverse and repair the process
You can and I have spent many hours, collecting dots on health TAFYH connects the dots and takes the guesswork out.
The impact of this education is incredibly valuable to me as well as my family.
So much information about the health put together all in one course. 

The course was set up extremely well. Fast pace. Each lesson intense and complete- Interesting to add the Chinese elements. We have come away better educated about health.

In 7 short weeks we have dense and complete understanding of the health of the body.
Sometimes it was a bit overwhelming with all the referral information added- but now can go back and reread some of the footnotes. 
Anyone interested in their health should take TAFYH
Anyone who has a disease this course will help them understand why they have it. 

Calling in on the  conference, call everyday with other TAFYH members, helped me to commit for the day.
Being asked if we had completed our assignments keeps you aware of what is expected of you. 
I needed the groups energy with me everyday to help me focus.

I love the value the BSQ's give you- its easy to determine your weakest areas. When you redo your BSQ in 7 weeks you have measurable differences. 
Also the Candida Saliva test and the body temp tests are helpful guidelines. Easy to pass on. 

The information I am armed with now, LOOK OUT I used to talk my head off about health- now I have some power punches to stop them in their tracks.
Everyone should know the damaged being done to their bodies. but not everybody will be at the right space to receive the information.
I will have to learn to let that go.

I am in the perfect position for this as I work in the field of health.
People need to be educated this is an amazing way to let them know there is more than one way to treat illness.

Again I am astonished in 7 weeks at the difference in my BSQ numbers.
Seeing your top three structures that need to be repaired- then seeing the numbers change as you progress along. This is a handy tool in reaching others and where they should start with their health.

The TAFYH course came to me in a time of need. I am so grateful for the energy that brought this program to me.  I am so grateful to Donna and her daughter for all the hours and dedication it took to put this highly educational health structure together.
Such and amazing guide line for us.
I am also grateful that there is a company " Natures Sunshine" who's standards and integrity are the gold standard.  They bring us the cleanest, quality controlled, products that simply do their job. 
This course should be taught in the schools to educate our youth about their bodies and health
I truly enjoyed every lesson taught and will apply it to my own life daily.

Health Plan
do 1-2 smoothies per day add to them 
Super dense nutrients like
Flax lignans, 
soltice energy, Collatrim, Arginine and Aloe Vera
Walk 1/2 hour every day
Ionic breath every day
Do 2 or more water and chlorophyll
I will omit from my diet
Alcohol, Sugar, Processed Foods, Grains and Dairy.
I will use my brain energy in a postive attitude about my health.
Definately taking action for a healthier body.

Thank you Jan