Monday, January 20, 2014

Review from Mary

Time: I found this to be a little bit rushed. A 20 minute program might have been better. I found it amazing how much information can be given in such a short time.  There was a lot of information to absorb every day. Mid-day was great for me, even though I had to make an effort to get away each day.

Participation: I like the participation format. Listening to others & repeating the previous lesson every day helps us to learn it better. It helped me to stay accountable & want to do the homework to report the next day.  Doing the cleanses for homework was a great idea to help us to accomplish them.

Education: The education I have received in these past few weeks is extremely invaluable to me & was exactly what everyone is searching for to better learn how to improve their health.  This education has given me a wider knowledge to be able to help others and be able to better explain and counsel them as to what is happening with their health. Thank you.

Structure: I liked the structure. Being kept accountable reminded us to stay on track.

Information: For me, every single day was filled with useful information. It was a bit overwhelming at times.  There was sometimes too much information to absorb for one day.  I will have to read & reread the lessons to keep learning & growing.  Having the lessons in print form so I can review the information over and over is definitely a big plus.  I appreciate the fact that the lessons were emailed to us in print to review again & again.

Commitment: I didn`t think I had the time to dedicate to learning more about health. I think that people make time for whatever they really think is important or a priority, like you mentioned.

Application: This course has definitely helped me be more confident in understanding herbs and how the body works together. Everyone should be taking this course to learn more about how to improve their health & how everything is connected. I will be able to apply the information that I learned as I empower others to take on their health & learn how to improve it.

Implications: The implications of all I have learned is still very hard to comprehend. I still have to go over all the lessons again & again to absorb more info to be able to teach others.

Reaching Others:  Again, through this course I have gained more confidence in talking to people about their health. I will continue to learn & absorb more info.
BSQ’s as form of measurement:  The BSQ`s are a good idea to work & get people to pinpoint what body system needs improvement. I really like how it pinpoints the system that they need to work on.  It is a great tool!

Comments: I am overwhelmed at how much knowledge there is to learn about health, and what so many people don’t know.  I am very very grateful to you and for all the work & effort that went into preparing & giving this course. I will continue to mention it to people to take this course to learn more about improving their health.

I enjoyed this class immensely.  Terrific!!

 Thank you