Monday, January 20, 2014

This Program Is Fantastic Says Dennis

TAFYH Evaluation:

Time: The time commitment I find to be 40-60 Minutes a day, depending on the Lesson and the homework, which is very reasonable for the amount of knowledge that one gains. 

Participation Format: The format keeps you on track and present to your commitments, and listening to the others is very inspirational. 

Education: The lessons are very informative, and the fact that the quotes and references are in the material is powerful as it creates credibility and gives one the option of researching further.

Structure: The morning lesson and the follow up in print form is really effective, as it takes you through various learning methods, listening, reading, writing (Journal). 

Information: The information provided is very condense and powerful, I have learned more about health in the last month and a half, then I have in my whole life till now. 

Application: It is useful information that can make a difference for someone right away, the application is direct. 

Implications: My life is changed, I now connect sugar directly to cancer and disease, therefore avoiding it is easy. 
My health is significantly better, and I can see if others are healthy or not. 

Reaching others: I am committed to helping others, and the TAFYH program gives me somewhere to stand, that supports me and them. 

BSQ as a form of measurement: My BSQ count has come down from 49 to 19, so I think it is a very good measuring tool, and I have found that it is a great conversation starter when talking to people. 

Comments: This program is fantastic and I very excited to be on board with it, I have learned so much and I am excited that I can better help others now. 

Thank you Donna.