Monday, January 20, 2014

Tina Says TAFYH Changed Her Life

Time:  I loved that it was only 15 minutes a day and you always started on time and ended on time and the lessons were jam packed with information.  Having the lessons in the morning kept me on track for the day.

Participation:  I liked how everyone was called upon at each class to be accountable to our commitments and through this you share each others trials and successes.  It is a huge suppor system and that's why its so effective.

Education:  The lessons are full of so much information that you have to re-read them a few times.  It made me look at m body and all the systems of my body and realize that my organs like the liver, kidneys, etc have such an important role in a healthy body and I did not give my body good foods at all to function.  A person knows the truth when you hear it and this program just makes sense!

Structure:  Very good structure to the program.  I wouldn't change anything.

Information:  I enjoyed every lesson and looked forward to it everyday.  I always learned something new.  The information is life changing and it has made me look at food and my body in a whole different way.

Commitment:  Every day you commit to your actions to the rest of the team.  I was so committed to this program because everyday you had to share how you did.  The team also committed to helping one another was awesome.  The day that we all took a stand and physical stood up for support to Marilyn, who's battling cancer, was one of the most moving times I got to share.  Loved it!!!!!!!!!

Application:  The great thing about this program is it applies to everyone.  Whether you have smaller ailments, need to lose weight, or are fighting big diseases like heart disease and cancer. 

Implications;  The implications of what I have learned are so life changing that I know with 100% certainty I will not revert back to my old habits.  It has made me appreciate food in its natural state and now I try to eat the healthy colours of the rainbow.  The knowledge we acquired about herbals was immense and to look at them as the superfoods that our bodies need.

Reaching Others - Through this program, it gave me so much excitement that I couldn't help sharing it with others because I want people to experience the energy and health benefits that I'm experiencing. 

BSQ as a form of measurement - I think whoever designed the Body Systems Questionnaire was very intelligent cause its right on the mark with which body system's need improvement.  It's awesome to have this questionnaire because its so easy to use and you can help people to choose herbals that will improve their health and help make a health plan just for that person.

Comments;  I can't say enough how happy I am that my mom called me that day to turn on the radio the day you were on CKLQ.  It has changed my life and I remember phoning Marilyn and that day she was told that there wasn't anything left the doctors could do for her cancer besides give her a couple treatments to buy her some time.  I told Marilyn I would do this program with her for support.  I know, following this program, Marilyn will be cancer free and I am going to reach my goal weight and not gain it back.

There are no words to express my gratitude to you, Donna, and all the hard work you put into designing this program.

Thank you!!!