Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Claire is Most Thankful For TAFYH


I have attended a 6-week Taking Action for your Health (T.A.F.Y.H.) teleconference  course, and strongly believe that it is the best investment I could have made in myself, my family and friends to gain knowledge about real  health. It has given me an understanding that the human body has an enormous capacity for self healing, and is designed to be healthy when provided with all the essential building blocks.

Tafyh  educates its participants about how to prevent and reverse health challengs with an extensive science-based and solid nutritional programme. It works in harmony with the human body to provide the knowledge, nutrients, cleansing, natural supplements, mindset & support to help anyone. The course is limited to six participants for six weeks, for fifteen miutes each day. The format is structured with daily interaction, accountability and commitments. It also includes an  education presentation and daily e-mailed script after each class. High-quality super food suggestions and a variety of herbals are discussed as well as the reason  these products are used as opposed to any others, and what they are capable of achieving. 
I have gained much knowledge on how the body functions, and it has given me the confidence in applying this information to help others.  Preparing a Body System Questionnaire (BSQ), as a form of measurement, especially for acquaintances has given me the tool to offer them a snapshot of their health, and target the system that needs attention. Those that were interested often purchased high-quality super foods and supplements suggested.
I have benefitted greatly from the Tafyh programme by employing the principles set out in each lesson which I believe will help me and my family live a life of robust health and joy. There was always information in each lesson that I found most enlightening;  it's the kind of course I wish was available in  high school so that I could overcome obstacles to my optimal wellness.  Health is not the absence of disease but a state of optimal health.

I am most thankful to my TAFYH coach, Donna Roth, for the time and effort she put into the course. She has been most dedicated and caring, and her daily presentations were  well-written, clear and concise. I will be forever grateful to her.