Sunday, February 2, 2014

Taking Action For Your Health TAFYH , A Description


Have you been surfing the internet for hours on end looking for a solution to your health problem only to find confusion , contradiction and conspiracy ?
Are you frustrated with all this information overload ?
Have you had enough?
 Are you will willing to commit to change ?
 TAFYH is the answer you have been looking for.
 TAFYH,  Taking Action For Your Health is the excitement of this day.
Everyone is talking TAFYH.

Description   Daily Science-based action steps for your health.
Yes!  All in 15 minutes a day!
Imagine one member of each family taking part in the TAFYH project.
They would be equipped to confidently tackle most health issues,
be they headaches, ‘flu, arthritis, or cancer.

Format: interactive
Time: 15 minutes via teleconference calls daily, Monday-Friday. 
Duration: 34 lessons
•          Daily interaction
•          Daily accountability and commitments 
•          Daily educational presentations
•          Daily script e-mailed after each call.  
One-on-one coaching
Increasing confidence levels.
Maximum 6 per group. 
Investment: Launched at  $277.00 plus cost of herbals. 
Opportunity :  Train to become a TAFYH leader and lead your own team into health and wellness.
Please contact Donna Roth to register 250 764 2852

TAFYH Successes from TAFYH Grads
Dr. Bill reduced his heart medications by 90%.
Dr. Joen has lost 15 lb and her thyroid meds have been reduced by 50%.
One lady has seen a decrease of 30% in the breast tumour and her mobility has returned (arthritis).
Dr. J used the TAFYH information for a serious heart attack incident.
Frank’s prostate cancer is gone.
Donna was able to wean off all asthma, blood pressure and cholesterol medication.
Victoria's brain fog is gone and her energy is restored in following TAFYH.
Val’s husband did not have to have a phlebotomy for 10 weeks.
Diana says TAFYH has saved her husband's life.
Lara’s eczema is gone.
Susan’s eczema is gone.
Bonnie reduced her depression medication from every day  to once in 4 days.
Jan diagnosed with breast cancer increased her immune system to 90 and the cancer is almost gone.
Claire's bone pain subsided considerably and the oestrogen levels have dropped.
Baljit’s insulin dropped from 63 units per day to 12 units per day.
Marilyn's tumour markers dropped to 26 . Normal is 25.
Donna's husband : bladder cancer is undetectable.

Intention for the project:
1.         To improve health dramatically and to be empowered to do so.
2.         To set the stage for your health for the rest of your life
3.         To help others to do the same
4.         To be committed to being on time and to do the assignments.
"A healthy body is warm, full of vigor, radiant energy, magnetism, beauty and power. " Dr. Blass