Wednesday, April 9, 2014

TAFYH Team 10 Results

 TAFYH Team 10 Results
I am once again organizing a new TAFYH team. The following results should inspire you into
enrolling into my next TAFYH session .

Congratulations to TAFYH team 10.
They have  completed their final day of TAFYH.
I am blown away by the incredible results that were shared.
In brief:
Leesy's 10 year old son with ADD achieved A's instead of C's and he no longer needs a scribe for writing.
Leesy's 11 year old son 's bowels are now moving twice a day instead of once every 3 days.
Leesy and her husband work in the gym and Collatrim is the ticket to no more sore muscles after a big workout.
Leesy's weight dropped 50 pounds and she will continue to cleanse.
Leesy's kidney flush got rid of all her edema.
Carmen refused to fill out her prescription for the pumps for her pulmonary disease.She uses LH-C and Lobelia. Tei Fu Oil instantly opens her lung capacity'
Carmen now has a handle on osteoporosis with Liquid Ca , Vitamin D3 and Collatrim Plus.
Carmen went from 136 to 128 pounds and her BSQ dropped from 168 to 89. "Amazing how I feel. I know I will never got cancer."
Carmen's cramps in her feet are totally gone.
Anna's had her root canals extracted and her infection is gone with Cat's Claw and Silver Gel. Her energy is back and she is very happy.
Anna's friend had serious thyroid problems TSH test was 8.38( normal is 5.0)  in October/13. In April /14 her test results were 1.62 and she lost 30 pounds.
Melissa's little girl no longer had autistic symptoms and is being transferred to a public school.
Melissa's little boy with ADD and ADHD has had no violent outbursts for 2 months now. Probiotics, Omega 3 Cat's Claw, SynerProtein is the answer.
Melissa's husband cleared up his brain fog and now is able to communicate and articulate." This saved our marriage. He will never go back to his old lifestyle."
Melissa cleared up 75% of her acne problems and her anxiety is gone.
Melissa uses Collatrim Plus as a dance instructor and she can keep up to her students. " I am shouting this out from the rooftops!!!"

I am totally inspired.
Everyone needs to do TAFYH .
TAFYH transforms lives.