Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tina's TAFYH Grads

Congratulations to Tina's TAFYH team who completed TAFYH
and celebrated their Completion Ceremony .

Here are the BSQ results from the members:
Angela       62 down to 29
Marianne 76 down to 23
Shannon  94 down to 42
Dan            64 down to 34
Dar             35 down to 29

Marianne lost weight , itchiness is gone, cravings are gone, has more energy and more positive. " I will stay on this for the rest of my life."
Shannon : constipation is gone, anxiety is less, stress is reduced, PMS is gone, working on discontinuing antidepressives. "I just take Cat's Claw and I don't get the bug!"
Dar: lost 18 lbs, cravings are gone, blood pressure has normalized and the doctor has asked her what she was doing.
Angela: reduced nerve meds to every 3 days, hot flushes are gone, heartburn is gone.

Marianne: " I really enjoyed the program.I look at health at a totally different way.It is so interesting I would read and reread the lessons. I now have control over my health."
Shannon:" I really enjoyed TAFYH. It is absolutely an amazing course. Sad it is over.I had a great teacher."

Angela:" I was empowered and inspired. TAFYH helped me gain a great confidence. Tina, you are an inspiring and great leader."