Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Evaluation for the TAFYH Program by Kristy

Evaluation for the TAFYH Program by Kristy
Time: 15 minutes a day makes it very easy to commit. It is hard to say “I don’t have 15 minutes per day for my health”. And it is a very valuable 15 minutes, as there is an incredible amount of important information given.  
Participation: Participating in the calls helps to keep you engaged. It also ensures that you have done your assignments because you know you have to report and take part.  
Education: The course material was surprising and eye-opening. The research to back up the concepts was reassuring. It was taught in a way that ensured all participants heard and read the new concepts each day.
Structure: I appreciated the structure of the calls each day. I knew that it would begin and end on time, which helped me to plan my morning.
Information: I learned something new every day. Looking at my full binder, I can’t believe that I have gained so much knowledge in such a short time. Reading and hearing each lesson helped me to retain the information and since we were able to print it, I can refer back to it whenever I want.
Commitment: Having to report on your assignments and fill in a chart helped to ensure daily commitment. Also, receiving each assignment by email made the information easily accessible when I was unable to attend the call.
Application: Learning the fact sheets for many products and knowing the diverse applications helps to begin the process of designing programs for other people. As I become more familiar with each one, I gain confidence in my ability to recommend it.
Implications: It is difficult to see people – even strangers - making bad choices.
Reaching Others: I am finding that this program is so diverse and has covered so many topics that it is easy to bring parts of it into conversation on a daily basis.
BSQ’s as form of measurement: BSQ’s are an easy way to begin looking at someone’s health. They are quick and easy to complete and make it simple to pinpoint areas of concern. 

Comments: The course has been designed in a very thoughtful and organized way. I really enjoyed how it progressed and it built upon things we had learned in previous lessons. Having to report daily made me accountable. I am grateful for all of the new information that I have gained for my and my family’s health.