Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kristy’s Success Stories

Kristy’s Success Stories

Old BSQ Score: 48
New BSQ Score: 13

My BSQ is much lower than it was at the beginning of TAFYH. When we went away for a couple of days and I didn’t take my blender or smoothie stuff, my husband and I noticed how tired and lacking energy we felt. We couldn’t wait to get home to have a smoothie! This past weekend we had our annual summer bonspiel. After taking collatrim plus, I was not stiff and sore like I usually am. The rest of my teammates and other curlers were complaining about how stiff their muscles were and by the end of the weekend they were exhausted. I gave them a solstic energy at the beginning of the final game and it wasn’t long before a burst of energy kicked in! We will definitely be using it as a team for the upcoming curling season!

My mom had taken TAFYH in the fall and it helped her immensely with her cancer/chemo symptoms after 10 years of treatment. Anyone who knew her could see the improvement in her health. It gave her another 6 months of her life. This is the reason that I strongly believe in the power of TAFYH and Nature’s Sunshine Products.

A lot of people I have talked to about Nature’s Sunshine are very interested and are just starting to use the products. As they see success and their experiences spread by word of mouth, I will be able to help more and more people.