Thursday, July 24, 2014

Success Story by Shirley

 Success Story by Shirley         
I signed up for the TAFYH program on April 24, 2014.  I was frustrated, scared & desperate.  I know I needed help to regain my health and upon referral from a new friend I joined a TAFYH team. 
            My nightmare began while on a trip to Mexico for a destination wedding.  I arrived ill, got progressively worse and had to go to the Doctor on the resort.  He diagnosed a severe sinus and bronchial tube infection & prescribed a very strong antibiotic, an antihistamine as well as steroids.   This in addition to some unsafe water and food left me even more ill.  I returned to Canada after 1 week with very little, if any, good flora in my intestines.  I was unable to digest food & get the nutrients out of the food I ate.  Plus after eating I had immediate diarrhea, or Montezuma’s revenge, as some people call it.  After searching for help I came upon Donna Roth & her TAFYH program.  I signed up.  Immediately I felt supported & encouraged each day by the telephone conference call & teachings  - known as the TAFYH (Take Action For Your Health). 
            Today, June 19, 2014 I have seen & felt a remarkable improvement in my health when I compare the numbers on my original BSQ (114    ) and the BSQ ( 37   ) of today.  All areas – digestive, hepatic, intestinal, respiratory, urinary, circulation nerves, glandular, structural & immune have improved.  Also, I have stopped taking a prescription for hypothyroidism, which I had been taking for 20 or more years.  In addition I have lost 25 pounds and continue to keep the weight off.  The TAFYH program has improved my health, my confidence & has enabled me to take responsibility for my own health, I feel I have achieved the ultimate TAFYH goal, “A healthy body is warm, full of vigor, radiant energy, magnetism, beauty & power”.   I am the creation of a powerful health movement!! 
            The TAFYH program, under the direction & leadership of Donna Roth, has enabled me to become empowered with health vision, health freedom & peace of mind.  I now can responsibly take action in doing the things, which I have learned during the past 71/2 weeks, that have made this dramatic transformation in my own personal health & the health of others.  I would like to publicly thank Donna Roth for this gift.   

            I would like to quote the following poem, PERSEVERE, by B.J. Gallagher, that I received during the TAFYH program :

Persist no matter what
Endure discomfort
Request help
Steadfastly hold onto my beliefs & values
Envision triumph
Very consistently keep at it
Embrace adversity as your teacher
Refuse to give up

Enjoy & celebrate every tiny bit of progress!!