Tuesday, July 22, 2014

TAFYH Team 12 Completion Ceremony July /2014

 TAFYH Team 12 Completion Ceremony July /2014
TAFYH (Taking Action For Your Health) is the 15 minute result oriented structured teleconference call that is fast fulfillling
a great need in our society ie: the need to learn the know how of  becoming healthy. You can do all of this
in a 7 week time period as each day you become confidently accountable to your health. Health = LIfe,  No health=no life!
I encourage each of you to do TAFYH.
Please register for the next TAFYH project to start in September /2014 kdroth@shaw.ca

Congratulations to 4 new TAFYH grads:
Kristy, Manitoba
Alanna: BC
Lynne: BC
Bonnie: BC

Kristy: Used Super Food Smoothies with Chi Tonic, Flax LIgnans, Green Zone and Solstic Energy and had lots of energy and no stiff sore muscles in the summer bonspiel .
Everyone was given Solstic Energy and "we won the bonspiel." Smoothies = energy!

Alanna: Suffered a case of adult chicken pox where the liver, adrenals and intestines were shutting down. No enery, sleeping all the time, constant chronic pain, During
TAFYH experienced a healing crisis where there was fever and throwing up for 5 days and at the end of this Alanna passed a worm the size of a ruler. Today Alanna is feeling
really good, the energy is back and she went down from 165 pounds to 151.BSQ scores dropped from 121 to 106 to 47!

Bonnie: BSQ scores dropped from 87 to 49 to 31. Removal of mercury fillings had a huge impact on the lifting of depression and brain fog. Off all anti depressants. Went through
bronchitis and sinus infection without the use of antibiotics. Used high doses of Cat's Claw instead. My daughter's children who were once diagnosed with ADD and ADHD no longer
have this problem. They are healthy children today. " I am your biggest fan!"

Lynne: " I have been on the health energy trip for a long time. Even with the fires all around us and I only got 2 hours of sleep a night , I was able to sustain my energy and health through
it all with the use of Super Food Smoothies." " I worked with an 84 year old diagnosed with ovarian cancer where there was fluids all around the middle, high tumour markers, . She was placed
on the Paw Paw program with Paw Paw , Protease Plus, Cat's Claw and Super Food Smoothies and within 7 weeks the tumour markers were so low she was no longer a candidate for surgery.
She lost 40 pounds."

Alanna, Bonnie, Kristy, Lynne, you have now taken on a new leadership in this world. You have come to know how to take the responsibility of your own health into your own hands. You have come to know that you are able to achieve "A healthy body that is warm, full of vigor, radiant energy, magnetism, beauty and power. " Dr. Blass
As your leader in this project I was totally moved by your results and the vision you have perhaps unknowingly, created for this society. You were not only a member of the TAFYH team but you were also a leader for your own family, friends and TAG team. A certain deep awareness became evident as you shared your reports.

Alanna: The body rebuilds itself in less than a year.
Alanna: A lack of even 1 mineral element allow morbid waste matter to accumulate.
Alanna: Lack of minerals +poisons = parasites +germs = acids= less O2
Alanna: Weak kidneys = weak bones
Alanna: Only 10% of the population have high levels of CoQ10 and they are the ones that age slower.
Alanna: Mercury fillings contain enough mercury to kill a child if given in a single dose. 70% of all medical illnesses are due to human intervention to dental structures.

Bonnie: Inflammation starts by leaky gut and toxins progress into the blood stream and then to the cells and tissues which results in cancer, arthritis and heart disease
Bonnie: When we heal our physical body the emotions heal as well. Each element serves the whole body. We are not just isolated body parts.
Bonnie: High cholesterol is protection for cancer and heart disease and lowering cholesterol can damage the nerves and there are studies to document this.
Bonnie: I didn't know there was a home cancer testing kit.

Kristy: The cold is the cure. Oozing of the lymph causes inflammation in other body systems and you end up with an "itis"
Kristy: How simple it is to heal your body. You don't need expensive drugs. Cat's Claw can help to cure cancer and Aids.
Kristy: The kidneys steal calcium from the bones to balance the pH in the blood. People with tumours
who had amalgam fillings were shown to have amalgams in their tumours.
Kristy: 2% of rejected products from Nature's Sunshine go to another company. Kelp comes from Nova Scotia and goes through 600 tests before it is released.
Kristy: Calculation proved that Steve Jobs was 24 years old when his tumour started to grow. How many other 24 year olds are harbouring cancer and don't know it?
The 60 students that carried their plan with them had more money , fewer heart attacks, less divorces and were happy with their careers than the other 1540 students. NO plan = no health, No health = no life.

Lynne: The true way to alkalize is through minerals and nutrition.
Lynn: The body is intelligent and will heal on its own if you give it what it needs. You don't have to go to the doctor every time. You heal from the inside out. Just because we don't have a mirror to see it does not mean it is not happening.
Lynne; You earn your colds and flus , you just don’t get them.
Lynne: Debris is cleared out by the activity of viruses and bacteria
Lynne: The liver is responsible for cleaning 100 gallons of blood every day and for 13 000 chemicals and it manages 15, 000 enzymes. It is very busy and for most people it is extra busy.

You have become powerful leaders in this society moving them to higher grounds of health and wellness without your awareness. And this is the ultimate beauty of success.