Sunday, November 9, 2014

Anna's Health Plan

Anna's health plan:

1. Drink my daily smoothie
2. Healthy eating habits to avoid all kind of grains, products which contains sugar
3. Use only grass fed finish grass fed meat
4.Do not eat after 6 PM
5.Everyday to have a salad
6.Take regularly supplements
7.Weight Loss
8. Keeping fit, being more active
9. More energy
10.Walk everyday for 1 hour
11. Do ionic breathing daily
12.Use the trampoline 2 times per day
13. Exercise and stretches everyday
14.Drink enough and good water
15.Drink water and Chlorophyll,Soltic Energy
16. Sleep 7-8 hours
17. Be calm and positive
18. Keep God's peace in my mind and heart
19.Do the bowel flush, the Liver / gallbladder flush and kidneyflush

20. Keep track of the plan

Arthritis Success by Catharine

TAFYH Success Story by Catharine
I started this program because of the problems with my feet.  I have arthritis in my feet and was getting to the point where I could hardly walk.  I have been to different doctors, including specialists and the best I got from any of them is that I need to learn to live with it, and taking Tylenol in large doses!  Although the Tylenol helped getting me through the day I always resented that and kept thinking there has got to be a better way.  I need to learn what is causing this!!!!
Different doctors and practitioners have also told me over the years that my body is full of inflammation, which was causing asthma and the arthritis.  I always felt that this means that my body is always at war!  It is always fighting something, but how to change it or what causes it was everybody’s guess.
Than Tina started talking about this so-called wonderful program she was on, and gave me the book the Cancer Injury, and although I was somewhat cynical, thinking this is yet another diet or whatever, there are so many around, she was so enthusiastic that I wanted to read the book and I started to use the basic herbs.  The Chi Tonic, Solstic Energy, Cat’s Claw and Chlorophyl. 
The book, once I started reading it made total sense to me, it really got my attention and I just felt that this was right!  I have always felt that we need to listen to our bodies, they are often smarter than our brains, (which we try to steer) and they do tell us, only we need to listen!! 
My cholesterol was high; my blood pressure was high, and I had numerous suggestions from the doctor that I should really be on medication.  I kept telling them that I wanted to try to do this naturally, but was not sure how to go about it.
Arhtirtis in my whole body was getting worse, some days I could hardly get around and I would feel like an 80 year old or worse.  I kept saying if this goes on I won’t be walking in a couple of years, but still did not know how to change it.  My asthma has been a bit better the last few years, but looking back it was really bad in the years when I lived through very high stress due to dramatic divorce issues.  Now it makes sense to me that the high stress was really instrumental in this.

I am now walking again, and am enjoying every step I must say, my feet are feeling better, and although I know the issue is still there, they are definitely getting better.  It did not happen overnight, so it makes sense that it does not disappear overnight either.  I finally found the cause! I feel better, and my blood pressure has come down to normal.  Even my doctor was excited about that.  My joints are overall feeling better, and I sleep better!  I have lost appr. 9-10 lbs and slowly but steady keep going down.  I am a wonderful advertisement of how right this program is!

Evaluation for the TAFYH Program

Evaluation for the TAFYH Program

Time:  9.30 was the perfect time for me.  I look forward to it every day, the 15 minute time-frame I thought would be very short, but a lot of information can be given in that time frame when staying so well on course.  Very well thought out, packed with a lot of information, and a boost to keep going every day.
Participation:  The participation format is very good, it makes you feel involved.  If you are just listening your mind might wander off but the combination of participating, and actually having to think about your answers, and knowing what was in the last lesson is a great stimulant to be truly involved.  You have to actually read the lesson to know what to answer, that is a great
Education:   A lot of information, but having all the lessons together with the book provides a great backup to look back on all the time.  Very well layed out and put together.  Awesome education, I am getting more confident in sharing with others what I have learned and just want to help them.
Structure:   The structure is well done.  Makes you know what is expected and helps being prepared for the next day, while at the same time feeling involved.
Information:   Every day lots of new information.  A bit overwhelming to start with, but knowing you have the information to fall back on, is very comforting.  I plan to go over it again and refresh to help get the information in my head more solidly.  Also nice to have it to search for specific information.
Commitment:   The 7-week commitment seems daunting to start with, but it flew by so fast.  It is the right time frame to ensure that a person is truly committed while at the same time getting all the information through to them.  It does take commitment to change old habits to the new ones we learned.  Nothing worthwhile comes easy, it takes commitment and perseverance but it is well worth it!
Application:   Sciences and health is not my field of study, so it takes time and extra reading and communication to get all the information into my system.  All the information is also the complete opposite of what we have always been told.  It makes total sense to me learning about how our bodies work and how our bodies will always try to heal itself.  Learning how to feed our bodies better is invaluable information to me!
Implications:  The implications of following this program have been a real eye opener to me.  I started this because I always believed our bodies will heal itself, and that we need to listen to our bodies.  I wanted to find the core problem and I have and the results are overwhelming.  I convinced one of my children to do this with me, and hope to share this with my other children and people around me.  Word of mouth results are huge.  When people around you see the difference in you, they want to know what you did, and this domino effect I think will be awesome.
Reaching Others:   I can’t stop talking about it, I have to try not to “brag” too much, but I am so impressed with what it has done for me, I just want to share it with everyone.  I keep offering everyone the Cancer Injury Book and tell them to read it.  It makes complete sense to me.  This TAFYH course has helped built my confidence in talking to other people about this.
BSQ’s as form of measurement:   Very good format, it shows you a lot about yourself.  I have been passing it on to people to fill them in and try to convince them to try the Nature Sunshine Products.  I also notice a big difference in my own BSQ after a while; it tells you how it affects your body very well.
The BSQ is also a great tool in helping other people and finding what to suggest to help them.
Comments:  I am very grateful to Tina for convincing me to try this; she has a real gift to share and to help people.  Her caring attitude shines through and she is always available and willing to talk and help.  Great job Tina!!
I think having a follow up sometime maybe every three months or whatever on a short call with TAFYH members would be a great stimulant to boost your determination to keep going, and to learn what else you can do to improve your health.  We all need a boost every now and then.
I have truly enjoyed this course, I have learned so much.  A big thank you Donna for putting all this information together in a format that makes sense and is readable to us non-scientists’!