Sunday, November 9, 2014

Anna's Health Plan

Anna's health plan:

1. Drink my daily smoothie
2. Healthy eating habits to avoid all kind of grains, products which contains sugar
3. Use only grass fed finish grass fed meat
4.Do not eat after 6 PM
5.Everyday to have a salad
6.Take regularly supplements
7.Weight Loss
8. Keeping fit, being more active
9. More energy
10.Walk everyday for 1 hour
11. Do ionic breathing daily
12.Use the trampoline 2 times per day
13. Exercise and stretches everyday
14.Drink enough and good water
15.Drink water and Chlorophyll,Soltic Energy
16. Sleep 7-8 hours
17. Be calm and positive
18. Keep God's peace in my mind and heart
19.Do the bowel flush, the Liver / gallbladder flush and kidneyflush

20. Keep track of the plan