Sunday, January 18, 2015

Success Story by Graham TAFYH Grad Jan.2014

I can only report a success story for myself…mid-November to Christmas is the busiest six weeks of my year, and I had a difficult time connecting with friends to even do a BSQ, let alone help set up a program to deal with any concerns they may have had.
My program started back in October. I had pain in my right hip that was bothering me frequently, and tiring me out by the end of the day. After receiving a requisition for an MRI, I decided to pursue other things while I waited for the appointment. After a visit to Donna I began taking Collatrim Plus, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc, MC, Super Omega 3’s, and Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic twice daily. I also added Flax Hull Lignans for a nutritional boost. In addition to this I received treatments from an Onsen massage therapist. The change was immediate and dramatic…with only a few massage treatments, regular stretching, exercise, and the supplements mentioned above, my pain has been reduced to a small, slight discomfort that occurs only about 5% as often as it did three months ago. The MRI revealed a very slight tear in my labrum, the cartilage ring where femur meets pelvis, but it is not significant enough to warrant surgery, and with ongoing nutrition and supplement support I am hopeful that it will continue to heal.
I can also speak to the power of right diet and supplement choices in general…I have used Nature’s Sunshine products for many years already, and they are an automatic part of daily life, though this course did remind me to keep a bottle of Chlorophyll in the fridge! A shake or smoothie has also been routine for some years now, as has leaving carbs off the plate at dinner as a rule, and avoiding processed grains and sugars as much as possible. I see 40+ piano students in my home every week…they play my piano, use my washroom, touch my doorknobs and light switches. I also play four different pianos in public spaces every week, and I average at least two years in between colds. No flus in the past 15 years. One prescription in those 15 years. Level energy, and I sleep well.
Thanks to Donna and TAFYH for furthering my knowledge and my ability to look after myself the easy way!


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sharing Ahha's by TAFYH Team 14 January/2015

Sharing Ahha's in TAFYH by TAFYH Team 14 January/2015

Dawn. There is a simple solution to the cancer problem.60% of all deaths are related to poor diet. Healing crisis is an actuality when you heal. Sodium assists with the peristalsis action. Yet everyone is told to cut back on their salt intake and constipation is prevalent. Low body temperature means low carrying of O2 in the body. Yeast and fungus get into the stem cell line and produces problems and different diseases. My Ahha was sending love to those that stress me . I was amazed as to how well that worked. Eliminating the left foods was not that difficult. I rely on Mud Pies to keep me on track.

Shirley: Steve Jobs had a bit of information but not the complete picture to overcome his cancer. The liver filters 100 gallons of blood daily. The Liver is a filter vehicle. I have a weakened liver so I do a liver cleanse every 3 months. My Ahha was understanding the potassium in the blood. There are problems when there is a high acid in the tissues. One choice can make a difference in your life. I was amazed at the power of Cat's Claw and the importance of proper elimination , keeping everything moving to have healthy immune system. There are 1000's of miles of lymphatic vessels. Who would ever have imagined that! Cat's Claw and MC taken in high doses is the answer to pain and inflammation.

Ann: I was amazed that there is a connection between the teeth and the rest of the body. Fillings and root canals are so toxic. . I take enzymes but I didn't know that the liver has so much to do with enzymes and regulating the blood sugar. It is the toxins in the lymph that cause fluids to back up so keep the lymph moving. I do that with the lymhasizer and I do deep breathing. Colours are beautiful and the foods that go along with colours are beautiful and have a good purpose.

Graham :Every nerve ending from every organ and gland in the body meets in the teeth, eyes, feet etc.  Toxins from root canals are 1000 times more toxic than botulism .250 mg a day of CoQ10 stopped the progression of Parkinson. People with low immunity had a low amount of CoQ10 and 87% of cancers have low CoQ10 levels. . If we limit cholesterol the body will make more. We don't eat fats any more which is not a good idea. High cholesterol levels are a protection from cancer, heart disease and neurotoxins .In cancer there is a wound and cells divide to repair that wound. They don't randomly divide.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Digestion and Cleanse Results

Dear Sherri( TAFYH Grad)
I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the Natures Sunshine products.  The very first cleanse I ever did back in 1989 was a Natures Sunshine Cleanse, a complete package and I was astounded with the results I received after fasting and cleansing for just 7 days.  This cleansing experience made me a life time believer in fasting, internal cleansing and flushing on a regular basis.
Then when you became a distributor for NS, I was delighted to come back to some of the products.  I was having digestive problems.  I could feel that my food was not digesting properly, feeling like a big lump in my stomach and so when I started using the digestive enzymes about 6 weeks ago, I noticed almost right away my digestion improved.  I suspect my stomach was not producing enough HCL for proper digestion.  And I intuitively felt I needed pepsin and pancreatin to kick start my system again.
The other support that I am giving my body is the Probiotic II and NS colostrum and I am starting to see a difference in my skin tone, strength in my muscles when I doing my stretching everyday and also feeling a boost in my immunity and defenses against flu and colds. And I absolutely love the Chi-Tonic Mineral formula.
Overall, I am feeling strong, alert, inspired, happy and grounded with the NS protocol that I am using.
Thanks so much Sherri for being a wonderful support and educator of these fine products.

With gratitude, Wind

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Evaluation of TAFYH by Sherri

Evaluation of TAFYH by Sherri
This is an excellent, thought out 30 weeks of a wealth of information that truly changes your life.
The direct experience with the cleanses and taking Nature Sunshine Products gives you the experiences you need to share with others and also get your body/mind to the most optimum level you can. The format with just 15 min. each day for 5 days a week is an excellent way to start your day and it is available for many who have to get to work by 9:00 am. Each lesson was so informative, loaded with quotes from reputable sources, clear information regarding all your systems in your body and what products you need to take for support and aide for optimum functioning. All the info regarding the Chinese herbs and the meridians, the colour of your food is what you are being nourished by, the lectins in our grains, leaky much invaluable information, guidance and personal stories. By committing to TAFYH, It helped me be accountable and disciplined with my health care program.  The Liver Cleanse kicked my but. it seems like it brought out an old virus that was still there although I didn't have the pain like  I did in previous times. Then I got a fever and sinus running, much mucus and then I felt the excruciating pain in my head. At this time I still have a fever although pain is subsiding.  Days later, I think it was the flu. I'm getting my energy back.
Lucy was a fantastic, inspiring and very supportive facilitator with TAFYH.

Nov. 16/2014 BSQ - 79
Jan. 10/2015 BSQ - 38
Nov. 27/2014 BP - 112/74
Jan. 10 /15 - 118/73
Stating weight 134
Now 130 pds.

Other results:
off of thyroid meds, taking KC-X

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What Does Tina Say About the Importance of TAFYH for Your Health?

I have to say I enjoy teaching these lessons to you as much as I enjoyed it when I participated in TAFYH myself.  When I get to hear your ah-ha's and your amazement at all you are learning, it brings me such happiness in being able to bring a "new way of thinking about health" to you and your family.  There is so much valuable life saving information in these lessons and one has to go over them many times, to imprint it in your  brain, so you are able to share and pass it on to others.  When you speak to others about what you are learning, you know it well and can relay that information to them properly, their confidence and trust in you begins to grow.   Many people are out there needing and wanting this information.  We are each in contact with different people and there are lives that you are meant to touch with the knowledge you have acquired from this program.  I believe in the saying "There are no accidents" and I believe it is not an accident at all that you have participated in this program.  In one way or another, you are going to touch the lives of others with this education you have received.

When I first took TAFYH, I joined up as support for my cousin who was battling cancer.  I remember listening to Donna's radio talk show on CKLQ and when I heard, no grains, no sugar, and no dairy, my thoughts were, "Oh my gosh, what does a person eat!  That totally sucks!"  I was hesitant to start and scared as well cause I thought how am I going to be able to learn a whole different way of eating when I can barely get supper made some days with normal ingredients!  I don't have time to learn how to eat differently!  You know, all the self talk that sabotages ones efforts at any attempt to change.  If it wasn't for Aaron pushing me a bit to support my cousin, (cause the thought did go through my head that she would be fine on her own!), I'm not sure if I would have taken the plunge, truth be told.  Also looking back, it's quite funny cause he hired a guy full time because since I wouldn't be eating very much, I would probably be too weak to do chores.  Oh, that is too funny!!!  Progressing with TAFYH, I began having more energy that I probably every had in my life and for the first time was getting weight off without a huge struggle and enjoying it!  Looking back, I know for me TAFYH was meant to be and has been one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.  It stirred a passion in me that I had lingering for quite a while for the natural side of things and gave me the education and tools, with the BSQ, to begin helping others.  Now, I am pursuing this full time by taking more courses and learning from others.  My future goal is that we will be getting out of dairy because we'll be so busy helping others, there'll be no time to milk the cows :)

Certified TAFYH Leader

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Energy is Back by Robin , TAFYH Grad, Jan, 2015

Energy is Back by Robin , TAFYH Grad, Jan, 2015

TAFYH and my Tag team kept me on track.  It helped me become aware of
what I was putting into my body, and not just food but also my thoughts, emotions, thinking.
I don't have time for me..probably thinking I am not worth the
time..With the knowledge and information given in this program and a
step by step action plan to take and implement, I started eating better
which can be difficult because hubby does not like to eat a lot of
different foods so many times I ate differently than he did, exercising
on a regular basis, breathing more often, drinking more water.  With
the BSQ  (body systems questionnaire) and the information learned, I was able to format a plan
that worked on my issues.  As a result, I have gained my energy back, I
have a better outlook on life, and my body is toning itself and
strengthening.  I am starting to lose some of my excess weight as well. 
I have seen if mostly in my face and in the loosening of my pants.  I
also believe I am starting to lose some of my stomach.  This is a journey I will continue on with.

Thanks for doing all the work to put this together Robin

One half of what we eat enables us to live; the other half enables the
doctor to live.

Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Fatty Liver: Tina, Certified TAFYH Leader, Jan./2015

Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Fatty Liver:  Tina, Certified TAFYH Leader, Jan./2015

One of my clients, diagnosed medically as diabetic, on blood pressure meds, high cholesterol and having a fatty liver, called me to tell me her success story after seeing her doctor.  She was taken off the Metformin as her doctor said she no longer has diabetes.  He reduced her blood pressure meds, she no longer has high cholesterol and he also said she has no more fatty liver!!!  She said she was just floored and there is no way she has any desire to lead the lifestyle she used to.

This is so exciting and I wanted to share with you what eating the proper foods and taking high dense super food supplements can conquer.  What you are learning in TAFYH is truly lifesaving information and here we have a wonderful witness to that fact in my client's success story today.