Monday, January 12, 2015

Digestion and Cleanse Results

Dear Sherri( TAFYH Grad)
I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the Natures Sunshine products.  The very first cleanse I ever did back in 1989 was a Natures Sunshine Cleanse, a complete package and I was astounded with the results I received after fasting and cleansing for just 7 days.  This cleansing experience made me a life time believer in fasting, internal cleansing and flushing on a regular basis.
Then when you became a distributor for NS, I was delighted to come back to some of the products.  I was having digestive problems.  I could feel that my food was not digesting properly, feeling like a big lump in my stomach and so when I started using the digestive enzymes about 6 weeks ago, I noticed almost right away my digestion improved.  I suspect my stomach was not producing enough HCL for proper digestion.  And I intuitively felt I needed pepsin and pancreatin to kick start my system again.
The other support that I am giving my body is the Probiotic II and NS colostrum and I am starting to see a difference in my skin tone, strength in my muscles when I doing my stretching everyday and also feeling a boost in my immunity and defenses against flu and colds. And I absolutely love the Chi-Tonic Mineral formula.
Overall, I am feeling strong, alert, inspired, happy and grounded with the NS protocol that I am using.
Thanks so much Sherri for being a wonderful support and educator of these fine products.

With gratitude, Wind