Sunday, January 11, 2015

Evaluation of TAFYH by Sherri

Evaluation of TAFYH by Sherri
This is an excellent, thought out 30 weeks of a wealth of information that truly changes your life.
The direct experience with the cleanses and taking Nature Sunshine Products gives you the experiences you need to share with others and also get your body/mind to the most optimum level you can. The format with just 15 min. each day for 5 days a week is an excellent way to start your day and it is available for many who have to get to work by 9:00 am. Each lesson was so informative, loaded with quotes from reputable sources, clear information regarding all your systems in your body and what products you need to take for support and aide for optimum functioning. All the info regarding the Chinese herbs and the meridians, the colour of your food is what you are being nourished by, the lectins in our grains, leaky much invaluable information, guidance and personal stories. By committing to TAFYH, It helped me be accountable and disciplined with my health care program.  The Liver Cleanse kicked my but. it seems like it brought out an old virus that was still there although I didn't have the pain like  I did in previous times. Then I got a fever and sinus running, much mucus and then I felt the excruciating pain in my head. At this time I still have a fever although pain is subsiding.  Days later, I think it was the flu. I'm getting my energy back.
Lucy was a fantastic, inspiring and very supportive facilitator with TAFYH.

Nov. 16/2014 BSQ - 79
Jan. 10/2015 BSQ - 38
Nov. 27/2014 BP - 112/74
Jan. 10 /15 - 118/73
Stating weight 134
Now 130 pds.

Other results:
off of thyroid meds, taking KC-X