Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sharing Ahha's by TAFYH Team 14 January/2015

Sharing Ahha's in TAFYH by TAFYH Team 14 January/2015

Dawn. There is a simple solution to the cancer problem.60% of all deaths are related to poor diet. Healing crisis is an actuality when you heal. Sodium assists with the peristalsis action. Yet everyone is told to cut back on their salt intake and constipation is prevalent. Low body temperature means low carrying of O2 in the body. Yeast and fungus get into the stem cell line and produces problems and different diseases. My Ahha was sending love to those that stress me . I was amazed as to how well that worked. Eliminating the left foods was not that difficult. I rely on Mud Pies to keep me on track.

Shirley: Steve Jobs had a bit of information but not the complete picture to overcome his cancer. The liver filters 100 gallons of blood daily. The Liver is a filter vehicle. I have a weakened liver so I do a liver cleanse every 3 months. My Ahha was understanding the potassium in the blood. There are problems when there is a high acid in the tissues. One choice can make a difference in your life. I was amazed at the power of Cat's Claw and the importance of proper elimination , keeping everything moving to have healthy immune system. There are 1000's of miles of lymphatic vessels. Who would ever have imagined that! Cat's Claw and MC taken in high doses is the answer to pain and inflammation.

Ann: I was amazed that there is a connection between the teeth and the rest of the body. Fillings and root canals are so toxic. . I take enzymes but I didn't know that the liver has so much to do with enzymes and regulating the blood sugar. It is the toxins in the lymph that cause fluids to back up so keep the lymph moving. I do that with the lymhasizer and I do deep breathing. Colours are beautiful and the foods that go along with colours are beautiful and have a good purpose.

Graham :Every nerve ending from every organ and gland in the body meets in the teeth, eyes, feet etc.  Toxins from root canals are 1000 times more toxic than botulism .250 mg a day of CoQ10 stopped the progression of Parkinson. People with low immunity had a low amount of CoQ10 and 87% of cancers have low CoQ10 levels. . If we limit cholesterol the body will make more. We don't eat fats any more which is not a good idea. High cholesterol levels are a protection from cancer, heart disease and neurotoxins .In cancer there is a wound and cells divide to repair that wound. They don't randomly divide.