Sunday, January 18, 2015

Success Story by Graham TAFYH Grad Jan.2014

I can only report a success story for myself…mid-November to Christmas is the busiest six weeks of my year, and I had a difficult time connecting with friends to even do a BSQ, let alone help set up a program to deal with any concerns they may have had.
My program started back in October. I had pain in my right hip that was bothering me frequently, and tiring me out by the end of the day. After receiving a requisition for an MRI, I decided to pursue other things while I waited for the appointment. After a visit to Donna I began taking Collatrim Plus, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc, MC, Super Omega 3’s, and Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic twice daily. I also added Flax Hull Lignans for a nutritional boost. In addition to this I received treatments from an Onsen massage therapist. The change was immediate and dramatic…with only a few massage treatments, regular stretching, exercise, and the supplements mentioned above, my pain has been reduced to a small, slight discomfort that occurs only about 5% as often as it did three months ago. The MRI revealed a very slight tear in my labrum, the cartilage ring where femur meets pelvis, but it is not significant enough to warrant surgery, and with ongoing nutrition and supplement support I am hopeful that it will continue to heal.
I can also speak to the power of right diet and supplement choices in general…I have used Nature’s Sunshine products for many years already, and they are an automatic part of daily life, though this course did remind me to keep a bottle of Chlorophyll in the fridge! A shake or smoothie has also been routine for some years now, as has leaving carbs off the plate at dinner as a rule, and avoiding processed grains and sugars as much as possible. I see 40+ piano students in my home every week…they play my piano, use my washroom, touch my doorknobs and light switches. I also play four different pianos in public spaces every week, and I average at least two years in between colds. No flus in the past 15 years. One prescription in those 15 years. Level energy, and I sleep well.
Thanks to Donna and TAFYH for furthering my knowledge and my ability to look after myself the easy way!