Thursday, May 14, 2015

Success Story by Dr. Brad

TAFYH Completion Ceremony

            After 11 years of educating myself for my career as a dental specialist I observed that multiple aspects of my health had suffered despite continuous efforts to eat well and maintain a high level of fitness.  I have spent the last 6 years on a journey to create optimal health for myself.  I had previously learned many of the elements of health that are compiled into the TAFYH program. TAFYH empowers the student to understand and take control of their own health.  The brilliance of the TAFYH program is the daily accountability it provides for seven weeks.  I am very grateful because the TAFYH program has accelerated my learning and empowered me to enjoy greater health.

Success Story by Dr. Brad
            At the end of my graduate training my skin seemed fragile.  At the beginning of TAFYH my skin was no longer fragile, but I have several dry patches that have improved, but have not yet entirely resolved.  My TAFYH success is that I am more confident about the future of my health.  I am very interested in the change of BSQ scores with the introduction of herbs and supplements into my diet and the elimination of the foods to avoid.

Mar 18, 2014 BSQ=61
Dec 23, 2014 BSQ=33
Jan 16, 2015 BSQ=42
Feb 26, 2015 BSQ=18

Jan 29, 2015 BP 134/73
Mar 3, 2015 BP 117/72

My Health Plan
            My health plan for the second quarter of 2015 is to continue to utilize the foods, herbs and supplements introduced to me by TAFYH including completing a liver cleanse and oral chelation program.
            The foundation of my health plan will be in the eating of meats, vegetable, fruits, seeds, healthy oils and nuts and eliminating legumes, grains, dairy and sugars.
            A – Activate
                        Ionic breathing and Cat’s Claw to activate the lymphatic system
Powerlifting three times per week to continue the improvement of
                        Walking, running and cycling to improve cardiovascular strength
B – Build – nutritional supplements to strengthen the five elements including
sauerkraut to support the intestinal biome.  The following ingredients will be included in a smoothie daily.
                        Red – Chinese mineral chi tonic – 2 tbsp
                        Yellow – flax hull lignans – 1 scoop
                        White – collatrim plus – 1 scoop
                        Blue – Water and berries
                        Green – chlorophyll
                        Pau d’arco lotion
                        Candida Cleanse
            C – Cleanse
                        Psyllium hulls (1 scoop) included in smoothie
                        LBSII to support intestinal function taken with a smoothie
            D – Direct Aid
At this time I will focus on the general support of the previously

mentioned supplements and activities.  I will not worry about supporting any particular system as this approach is providing for continued improvement of all systems function.