Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Success Stories from TAFYH Team 18

Success Stories from TAFYH team 18

Success Stories From Diane TAFYH Grad
I have been Symptom Free of MS for well over 20 years using NSP products
Nicole has been able to avoid diabetes medications and is now in the normal mid-range as opposed to high borderline to med range
Lynne is now able to sleep 5-6 hours in a row as opposed to waking up every hr
Marie-Eve as recovered 100% vision after having another optical neuritis
Julie has NO pain when ovulating and periods, and her cycle is regular to 28-29 days, and her menstrual flow is now normal
Kathy who has ulcerated colitis is about 80% better and we are still working on it

June 29, 2015  From Barb   TAFYH Grad    

I went to my longstanding physiotherapist after being on the TAFYN program for seven weeks.  This man has been treating me for at least a dozen years.  Maybe more.  He is a world-renowned physiotherapist and sports’ coach.

I went in and hopped up on the table with ease.  I asked him if he had lowered the table because two months ago I had such a struggle to get up that I had to use a yoga block to boost myself.  This time - no problem - hopped right up there.  He took my bad leg, bent it at the knee and swiveled the hip around in its socket and his eyes nearly popped out.  He said I haven’t been that loose in years! 

The physiotherapist’s parting comment - "whatever you are doing, keep it up.  It’s working!"

My structural numbers on the BSQ have gone from 12 to 3, I am no longer taking anything for pain and I am able to walk normally instead of hobbling or relying on a cane for support.  Circulation has gone from 6 to 2 and Urinary from 5 to 2.  This is pretty exciting considering I started only two months ago.

My blood pressure has started to go down – down from 154/76 to 135/75 so far! I look forward to seeing this go to 120!

I have lost 12 pounds and one dress size and my clothes all feel loose.  That is a feeling I haven’t had for a very long time!  I hope that this will continue its downward trend.  I put this to having had no grains for eight weeks. 

A bread lover, I thought this was impossible to remove from my daily plan.  But, having a smoothie to start the day has taken the place of toast as a quick starter.  The smoothie is filling, quick and satisfies my needs and now I don’t miss the taste of the toast.  However, I am not going to buy any bread because I am not sure I could resist the temptation if it was sitting there!

My digestive system feels like it has had a “spring cleaning” and I am having normal movements for the first time in many years  - perhaps even decades! 

I railed against the idea of a multilevel marketing program for at least a year.  It really bugged me after a prior experience with another company.  But using the products and seeing the benefits in a short time, I now have to think about what I will take and how to create space in my retirement budget to include these supplements.

Success Stories From Fran TAFYH Grad
Dec. 2014 teeth cleaning for myself revealed inflammation and infected tooth where I can a bridge.  It was suggested to have the tooth pulled once the infection was gone.  I took SilverGuard liquid and I still use the Silver gel on the tooth.  The X-ray showed that the root was broken.  I still use almost daily the Silver gel.  Of course, I  do take Nature sunshine herbs, smoothies, etc.  I have not done an extraction and the tooth seems fine...
Silver gel used daily by my husband that has hemorrhoids At first he used a drug store remedy which caused pain for 1/2 hour.  He had to learn. He  did not believe me at first.
4.  Our 8 year old dog, 20 lbs. has excellent results using 2 to 3 lbs. SilverGuard daily.  This helps with parasites and it is gentle for her system
5.  Nature Sunshine Combination K is the best herb for kidneys, bladder.  Use 4 caps daily.
6. .  Garry's initial GFR tests were 25 which is very close to kidney dialysis.  Tests..June 22 showed his GFR to be 50 (moderate GFR is 30 to 59) Dialysis was no longer a consideration.
With Congestive Heart Failure he was not hungry and did not feel like eating, bloated, gained 10 lbs within one week. swelling in feet, ankles and belly (abdomen) trouble thinking clearly
7.  Smoothie was given in the morning, berries, Collatrim Plus, Arginine Plus , Hawthorn, Chinese Mineral Chi for minerals, liquid B12, magnesium, potas, horsetail, garden essence, K, Spirulina
Opened 30 capsules and placed in the smoothie.  The other capsules were taken during the day B complex or Stress Pak, COQ10, Vitamin E, sometimes SilverGuard liquid, 2 caps of zerenity for sleeping before bed
Appetite is better and he is enjoying fruit, nuts - almonds & cashews as snack foods.
We enjoy the great quality of Nature Sunshine herbs.
Blessings & prayers from Our Lord.
Have a Great Day.