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Success Story by Shauna

Success Story by Shauna
As you may know, I am a mom of two beautiful boys, a two year old and a 5 month old.
When I started the TAFYH program my youngest son was only three months old and I had
phoned Donna to ask her when the next program would begin because I thought it was too
soon after giving birth to take this on. However, Donna convinced me to take part in this class
and I am very grateful for this. Although I can not take allot of the herbs because I am nursing I
have still had amazing results. I committed to exercising daily, re-committed to my food,
supplements and herbs, and started journaling. The results have been a weight loss from 120lbs
to 110lbs, my energy levels have skyrocketed as I don’t feel the urge to have to take a nap, even
though my sleep is interrupted about 2 or 3 times a night to feed. I used to lie awake in
between feeds, where now I feel I get more quality sleep. I feel like my “MOMMY BRAIN” is
getting better and my nerves have settled.However I do look forward to a month from now
when I can train my little guy to sleep through the night.

Steps for a good Health by Shauna ; Nursing Mom

Steps for a good Health by Shauna ; Nursing Mom
A - Activate: With exercise including, Biking, Hiking, Weights, Yoga, Trampoline, Water skiing, &
Snowboarding. I will do my Ionic Breathing, Dry brushing, Hot & Cold showers for the lymphatic
system and once I’ve competed breastfeeding, Cats Claw.
B- Build: Eat the right foods; No grains, Sugar, Gluten, Alcohol, legumes. Lots of Vegetables, low
glycemic fruit, Nuts, Seeds, fish, grass fed beef, and free range meets of all kind. But because
of lack of nutrients due to agricultural practices I will be adding a superfood smoothy daily
including all the colors of energy I will need to rebuild cells.
● Red- Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic
● Yellow- Flaw Hull Lignans
● White - Collatrim Plus
● Blue - water and berries
● Green - Chlorophyll
C - Cleanse: With Psyllium Hulls Combination. When I am done breastfeeding I will add the LBS
11, bowel cleanse, kidney flush, liver/gallbladder flush & Candida Clear.
D - Direct herbals to specific body system
● Glandular; Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Adrenals HS-C
● Nerves; Zerenity, & Focus ATN
● Structural; Liquid Calcium/ magnesium
● Circulation; MC
● Immune; Cat’s Claw, & Paw Paw ( when done Breastfeeding)
E - Express gratitude for the bodies ability to heal.

TAFYH Evaluation by Michele , Oncology Massage Therapist

TAFYH Evaluation by Michele , Massage Therapist

Time: The time allotted for the class on a daily basis was easily manageable although it cut into my morning work time. (11:30 am for me in Montreal) Fortunately my schedule is flexible and I was always able to happily accommodate for the lesson.  In twenty minutes, we are pressed to be attentive and concise. Goes to show how much one can get accomplished in a few minutes a day. I enjoyed taking my time at home going over the lesson and researching and really reflecting on the lessons, and my goals, and my progress. I found myself having a nice reason and motivation to wake up earlier to prepare for that day’s lesson. I must admit, sometimes I would spend a lot more time than I thought I would. I was definitely interested!! Time very well spent!!

Participation: One’s participation and involvement in this class directly impacts how much one gets out of it. I loved having contact with other participants on a daily basis, sharing questions and also life and health events. I love being held responsible for doing all my daily and weekly tasks and having them documented and shared with the group. I felt everyone’s sincere participation and desire to get healthy and change their lifestyle; this was empowering. I had a great Tag team that was just as involved in reading my journal and commenting and supporting me through this. Their participation definitely held me in those more difficult moments.

Education: So much of what I suspected about health and nutrition was confirmed in this class. I learned invaluable information and what stood out for me is the concept that herbs and supplements, if they are of good quality, will never hurt you. I enjoyed that the information wasn’t dumbed down. At this point, my curiosity has been piqued and I am motivated to learn more. I do believe this has catalyzed a career change for me!

Structure: The structure was clear, organized and logical. It helped to make the process efficient.

Information: I think the information that was chosen to be part of this class was carefully chosen and summarizes a lifetime of work and investigation and research and exploration. I am so grateful for this effort. What were shared were essential, fundamental concepts that are most important to know how to maintain health and to empower us to do so.

Commitment: For me, commitment came easily because I was so interested and had my own personal motivation to seek the truth.

Application: It was very nice for me to review some principles of Chinese medicine from the angle of nutrition. Having studied Chinese physiology in my massage therapy studies of shiatsu massage, all this rang true. What stands out for me is my personal success story with TAFYH. I was guided to trust when I feared the healing crisis, I experienced so clearly the various effects and benefits of taking the supplements on a daily basis, some of which I will include in my diet for the rest of my life!!! I feel I can guide and support anyone who chooses to do TAFYH or any kind of lifestyle change because I have struggled myself and have solid results to rely on.

Implications: When you know better, you do better! I work in the field of oncology as a massage therapist. I support people who go through the atrocities of chemotherapy, adjunct drug therapy, radiation and surgery. This course is the culmination of a year long process to find a better way!!! I have outgrown the hospital and current medical approach to cancer. I have cared for too many good people who have suffered and died unnecessarily as a result of the proposed treatments. Knowing what I know now, I must leave my job at the hospital as I am no longer able to participate in the drug “Empire”. I don’t know how I will transition or where I will end up. I have accumulated a lot of knowledge about cancer in the last 9 years and I wish to continue to help people with cancer but how I help them will change. I will keep you posted J

Reaching others: I feel compelled to help others and spread the truth about how simple health can be and how healing herbs and supplements are. I have the strength and determination to speak the truth and my deepest desire is to inspire others to take action and responsibility for their health.

BSQ as form of measurement: the BSQ is complete!!! It is simple to do and increases health and body awareness. Brilliant, good job to whoever designed it!!

Comments: I have nothing but good things to say about this course. I wish everyone could do this course. I wish I could teach this class to all my patients that are done chemotherapy treatments! I enjoyed the efficiency of this class. I found it hard to stay on course sometimes but that is because I am human and nothing worthwhile ever comes without effort. I feel lucky that Donna was my leader for this class. Thank you for supporting me through my health crisis and although it may have been frustrating at times to deal with my skepticism, I appreciate you repeating the same principles over and over until I got them! This was life enhancing and career changing!!

TAFYH Evaluation by Shane, CEO

Time: I found that the time allocated for the lessons was well structured and to the point.
Participation: The participation portion of this training was invaluable because people would highlight points from the previous day's lesson that you missed and this helped you to go back and review the information for more helpful data
Education: The education had a lot of wow factor because this is information that is out there that is currently suppressed because it is cheap to apply and more effective than what we have been taught through the current information channels. The education is easy to apply and one has no excuse for taking responsibility for your own health.
Structure: The structure is solid and I would not change anything about that because it keeps us on track and on time.
Information: The information presented can easily overwhelm you because of its simplicity and because we have been exposed to bad education up till this point. it is not always easy to learn that you have been misled by people that you had trust. This does require that you have an open mind and be willing to apply these principles for yourself to prove that they are real and that the benefits will help you and those you love. This will help you and your family stay healthy and out of the doctors rooms in the future because diet is crucial for good health.
Commitment: In terms of commitment it is important to follow all the points laid out by this course in terms of your tag team accountability. It is small daily commitments that make the changes more achievable and with the journaling it helps you be aware of what you need to do to stay on track to make this successful.
Application: Having applied the basic principles taught in this course gives 1 confidence that you can help yourself in the future along with those that you love. We now have a blueprint for maintaining a healthy body. What makes this even more effective is that the products that we use are of the best quality that one can by.
Implications: There is a cause and effect principle that applies to all things that we do in life. Now that we have learned some of these principles we can now apply these and help others to learn about this. I have spoken to many people about this course and hopefully they will reach out and do the course to educate themselves. People express interest but unfortunately they will wait until they are faced with a dire consequence before they take action rather than looking at this as an insurance policy against losing your quality of life.
Reaching Others: In terms of reaching others, the most effective way is to speak to those people that you know as they trust you and when you get results after applying these principles they will talk to people that they know and this probably be the most effective way of reaching others. Although you can talk until you are blue in the face the ultimate way is to lead by example and apply these things and people will start to notice the results that you are achieving and only then will you have a perceptive person.
BSQ’s as form of measurement: I love the BSQ’s!! I found that the people I asked to do them were very open to them and purchased product.  They see that it is a snapshot of their health.
I really like how it pinpoints the system that they need to work on.
I can follow up with them and do another BSQ and get all their systems working properly.  As a health coach I can see how you could work with a person for a while getting their different systems under control. An excellent tool!
Comments: The questionnaire is a good self-assessment and people are not intimidated by it or feel that you are interrogating them about their health. They have full control of the answers that they provide and makes them more open to look at the facts that they themselves have put down on paper.
This questionnaire allows the individual to compare two points in time and is a convincing measurable for the improvement made.
The Nature's Sunshine Products are the best.

This was a very good investment to make and I will happily recommend this course.

.Success Story and Health Plan by Shane, CEO

.Success Story and Health Plan by Shane 

  BSQ before 68 after 13
2. Evaluation attached
3. Success story; my pains I would get under my left rib cage after meals has disappeared.  Overall body aches and pains are zero. I am sure that the latter aches were due to body wide inflammation, i.e. sore /achey joints, muscle pains and feelings of general unhappiness have gone. My attitude is more positive than ever because of the exercises that we had to complete during the TAFYH course.

The cleanses are simple and I will be doing many gall/liver cleanses as I have a history with gall bladder attacks.  This will also diminish because of my daily dietary changes (cutting out bad stuff) but I will have to clean up the past bad habits(gall stones) that still linger in my body.

My oldest son has responded well to the new education of cutting out sugar and adding healthier options.  He is not perfect yet so he sis a work in progress.

My weight has reduced from 91.6 kg to 87.6 kg (4 kg = 8.8 lbs) was effortless
BP start was 118/80 end is 120/75
Body temp start 36.2 C  and is now 36.5 C

This course is effective because you are help accountable. There are many people who are starving for this information but do not realize it is so easily accessible and easy to understand and implement. I have spoken to many about this course so hopefully they will not wait until they  have a health crisis before taken action.


A - activate = maintain exercising for a minimum of 20 minutes per day and make it fun
B - build = follow the breakfast smoothie with lunch salad and meat and veggies for dinner
C - cleanse = keep doing the kidney/bowel and liver cleanses at least once per month for maintenance or more during times of illness
D - keep the focus on the body system that needs work namely my lungs
E - express gratitude =  I have a journal that I fill in daily with 5 things that I am grateful for that day. This will help you stay positive during times of difficulty.

thanks again for the course and all the participants that made it valuable.   I may repeat this course again in a  few years due to new info coming to light.

My Success Story by Chris. CEO

My Success Story by Chris

I am a true believer in the universal law of attraction and that my thoughts and energy guide me through life.  It was not a fluke that I found you or you found me.  I attracted this program to me and I am very happy I did.  The immediate results that I have experienced are only the beginning of my success.  I’m certain that my major story may never be told.  Living healthy with the principles of TAFYH will certainly be a long healthy positive love filled life.  My immediate results are most clearly:
1.       My psoriasis is better – I am confident that it will be cleared up soon.  Having just received my silver cream, I think it will really help speed up the process.
2.       My digestive system is feeling much better.  Again, I can tell that I’m on the path to perfect health
3.       My mood is the biggest improvement.  I am able to maintain a high energy positive attitude.  Very little depressed feelings anymore.

My Health Plan

My plan is to be in perfect health.  To never have a disease to live a strong and healthy life.  To have a strong powerful mind.  Thoughts become things.
1.       Psoriasis – continue to work on my leaky gut and cleaning my blood.  Using the silver gel and clear it up.
2.       Get my kids off sugar and bread
3.       Teach my sister about the program and work with her daughter to fix or at least help with her diabetes.
4.       Strengthen my mind. 
5.       Continue to use the herbals that make me healthy

Evaluation By Karen TAFYH Team 19

Evaluation By Karen TAFYH Team 19

Time: The scheduled time of 8:30 every morning worked well for me. It was not too rushed to be ready to begin each morning and there was plenty of time to review. The 15 –20 minutes of class time was good and allowed me to absorb the new material.

Participation: Listening to the othe participants helped me to absorb information and reinforced many key points.You really feel part of the group and you put in more effort knowing others are working on the same concepts.

Education: There was a huge amount of information that was put together in a clear easily absorbable format.I had previous knowledge of bits and pieces of the material but did not know how it all connected and fit together for the overall health of the body. Everything has made sense and fit into place with the way it was presented. I could not have retained and understood this material so well even if I had read ten books about the material.

Structure: Each lesson was clearly laid out and followed the same format, which made learning so easy.

Information: I am in awe of the wealth of information that was covered in short 15 minute lessons. It was clear, powerful and to the point.

Commitment: Donna’s commitment and focus during the lessons was a big part of the success of the TAFYH course. The expectations for me were reasonable and doable, even though I had a lot of summer company.

Application: I feel very capable to help myself, my family and others to fing underlying health problems and to help with healing. It is so exciting that people can be helped with physical as well as emotional ailments.

Implications: The implications and domino effects of this course are huge. Everyone who was aware of my participation is learning by my example of helping myself. My tag team has had a good taste of the possibilities, healing and health successes that are available.

Reaching Others: I feel with my increase in knowledge along with the tools from this course I can reach more people who are searching for good health.

BSQ’s as a form of measurement: Before and after measurement with results showing works well. Who can’t see the improvements when symptoms disappear.

Comments: My hat is off to you Donna for you huge efforts in research, organization and presenting this course. I am so thankful that I was a participant in this valuable course.


Karen: Success and Health Plan

Success:  More energy, better sense of well being, BSQ score 58 down from 107, body temperature increasing, body weight down 7 pounds.

Health Plan:

Action – exercise, ionic breathing and Cat,s Claw

Build – Eating the right foods, super shake daily, Liv c

Cleanse- Psyllium hulls, cascara sagrada, bowel cleanse, kidney cleanse and liver/gallbladder cleanse

Direct herbs- Glandular: kelp, TS11, gluco reg Chinese mineral chi; Circulatory: MC  Urinary Kc

TAFYH Evaluation by Shauna

TAFYH Evaluation by Shauna
Time; With having children 2 and under I was a little weary about the 8:30 start as my husband
has already left for work and my day with the kids begins. I thought this would be challenging
and almost backed out however I found that 15-20 mins was very duable, one child went for a
nap while the other watched his favorite show. It worked!
Participation; I love the accountability. With having a new baby I needed a kick in the butt to
get back on track with exercise, food, supplements and herbs. This is what TAFYH was for me a
good kick in the butt.
Education; This education has given me a greater understanding and greater confidence to help
others. It has been priceless information that I can continue to refer back to. I look forward to
continuing to use the information to keep myself, family & friends healthy and aware.
Structure; I found the structure necessary as I have been in coaching groups before where they
have gone on too long. With having two small children I did not have this time. The classes
were short and to the point with valuable information exchanged.
Information; The information was incredible, because of my journey healing from cancer with
the Paw Paw program, and my health coaching certification, some of it was repeat
information. The beauty of this is every time it is repeated I have a better understanding and
the information really sinks in. However, there was a huge amount of info I did not know, and
the way it was applied really helped me make sense of how the body really works.
Commitment; Having the class consistently at 8:30 am Monday through Friday and for only
15-20 minutes at a time made it very easy to be committed. I looked forward to my call every
day and am going to miss not reporting in morning.
Application; Listening to the Lesson given, then journaling the lesson and then repeating the
information the next day and listening to what other had picked up from the lesson was an
amazing way of learning and really helped retain what was being taught.
Implication; The Implication of this program is something I started taking on years ago when
diagnosed with cancer with the Paw Paw program. This gave me a good start and has been
something I have strived to live by ever since . However the in depth detail that is taught
through the TAFYH program is priceless and gave me a better understanding of why these
actions make sense.
Reaching Others; Reporting to our TAG Teams was incredible. I found everyone very supportive
and had many friends ask more questions about the information given. I also know from
reporting to everyone it motivated a few ladies to start their exercise program again and ask
questions about what it was I was up to.
BSQ’s; As a form of measurement; I found this very useful, to know where my weak areas are
so I can focus in on healing. Also to see my progress throughout the program was very useful.
Having the BSQ’s also give’s me the confidence to help others heal. Amazing!
Comments; I am very grateful I chose to take the time for this program. When beginning TAFYH
I almost pulled out because I thought it was to early, being only a few months after giving birth
to my second son it seemed a little overwhelming. However I pushed through and it has only
benefited me and my family. Even though I could not take all the herbs suggested my energy
has skyrocketed, I’ve lost ten pounds and the pain in my body no longer exists.
I did It! Three months ago I would have never guessed I could feel this good. My skin/psoriasis
has completely cleared up . I work out, eat amazing foods and take my supplements every day.
This gives me the energy and stamina to keep my house in good order, work on my business
and have time for my family. My son is now sleeping through the night and so am I. I wake up
feeling well rested and energized! The pain I felt in my internal organs and my shoulder is
completely gone. My memory is the best it’s ever been and continues to improve, I amaze
myself everyday with my quick recall like never before. This is the life! I thank the universe and
am grateful everyday for the opportunities that come our way! Money flows into my life with
ease and grace and our family constantly experiencing a life of abundance. I do not have to
return to work because I have created a profitable business from home. I make a difference in
people’s lives with my Positive attitude, Knowledge, & Knowhow. I am grateful for my Family &
Friends and the people who I don’t know who contribute to this wonderful life! Life is good and
So it is!!!...
● I have a powerful and healthy brain
● I have a perfect Intestines
● I have a healthy liver and gall bladder
● I have healthy kidneys
● I have incredibly youthful, radiant and healthy skin
● I have healthy joints

BSQ 68 down to 13
Lost 9 pounds and basic body temperature increased.
Liked the small daily sound bytes of information.
Being accountable to the team and to the TAG team was significant.
The suffering digestive problem has subsided,
Joint aches and pains have decreased.
Big change was the mood and attitude change.
TAFYH takes away the excuses of relying on institutions.
Success is directly proportional to my efforts.
Small daily actions lead to long term results.
Prevention is cheap.
Creating a vision board, a journal, gratitude led to awareness of yourself
I am in control.

I work in the hospital as a massage therapist with cancer clients.
I want to help people with cancer.
I had no idea we would talk about cancer.
I want to do TAFYH with these people.
I have told everyone at work and all  my friends,
I am a leader and I have big plans and big dreams to help people with cancer.
TAFYH is the best kept secret,
It is transformational.
I loved the contacts with the participants.
I loved being responsible.
It was well designed, well structured and concise.
TAFYH is a life time of work, investigation, research and well documented.

BSQ score of 111 dropped to 33.
I was inspired by the others and their stories.
TAFYH was incredible and awesome.
I am thankful for the design.
It motivated me to stay on track.
Journalling, counting blessings and being grateful each day changed my life.
I quit smoking!!
TAFYH gave me more respect for my body.
I had lung congestion lately and I went to see a doctor who gave me antibiotics. Fear almost made me take them but I did not take them. I took Cat's Claw instead.
I put this nutritional therapy to work and I see a huge improvement.

I took TAFYH on a whim. I heard Donna speak on a radio talk show and it sounded like it make sense to me.
Ia m very busy but the 15 minutes a day fit so well into my day.
It all made sense. It was great.
It keeps you accountable and your get results.
TAFYH was a huge eye opener for me ; Candida, sugar, bread ( I grew up on sugar and bread)
My digestive system has improved and I feel great.
I run a large company of 120 employees. If I show up in a good positive mood than everyone has good days.
I have a large circle of influence and I have 5 people who are interested in doing TAFYH.
I was inspired by your leadershop. Your leadership is strong and kept me focused.

I always thought I was healthy but5 I see a huge improvement in my BSQ scores 107 dropped to 58.
I have way more energy, a sense of well being
Body weight is down and I am sleeping better.
To know there is hope, to keep going , knowing what to do and not being influenced by other people was huge for me.
I loved my TAG team who were so keen, so interested.
This was a wonderful adventure.

BSQ dropped from 75 to 42
TAFYH was the best thing I could have done in this time of my life when I am breast feeding a little one.
I recommitted to right foods, exercise, gratitudes.
My energy levels have skyrocketed
I don't need to take naps,
I have quality sleep and I am not laying awake at night.
When I ended up with food poisoning I took 12 Cat's Claw and the headaches and throwing up subsided within a day.
41/2 years ago I received my second  diagnosis of breast cancer on exactly the same breast area where I had a mastectomy.
AT age 29 I had chemo and radiation and took Tomoxifen and I got cancer back 2 years later so I knew the treatments I had did not work.
This time I did the Donna Roth Paw Paw program along with removing my mercury fillings , accupuncture, emotional clearing.
It is almost 5 years now and I have no cancer which is a whole lot longer than with the chemo I had done. I will keep going.
TAFYH gave me a huge amount of information that I did not know about how the body works.
The education gave me a great understanding and a lot of confidence.
I loved the accountability.

2 years ago I had infections in my mouth and my teeth were in bad shape
In Feb 2014 I had an enlarged lymph node on my neck and  CAT scan showed suspicios something.
On July 13.2014 I had a diagnostic surgery and this was a huge set back for me.
The morphine and anesthetic messed me up;constipation, dehydration, pain in the muscles, intestines were painful.
I stopped TAFYH and did Reiki
I have had fungus in my toes for years and 3 of them have now cleared up.
The arthritic pain has lessened.
I am taking the Smoothies again.
I am now getting more than 6 hours of sleep.
I am happy to hear of all the positive results from the team.