Saturday, August 15, 2015

Evaluation By Karen TAFYH Team 19

Evaluation By Karen TAFYH Team 19

Time: The scheduled time of 8:30 every morning worked well for me. It was not too rushed to be ready to begin each morning and there was plenty of time to review. The 15 –20 minutes of class time was good and allowed me to absorb the new material.

Participation: Listening to the othe participants helped me to absorb information and reinforced many key points.You really feel part of the group and you put in more effort knowing others are working on the same concepts.

Education: There was a huge amount of information that was put together in a clear easily absorbable format.I had previous knowledge of bits and pieces of the material but did not know how it all connected and fit together for the overall health of the body. Everything has made sense and fit into place with the way it was presented. I could not have retained and understood this material so well even if I had read ten books about the material.

Structure: Each lesson was clearly laid out and followed the same format, which made learning so easy.

Information: I am in awe of the wealth of information that was covered in short 15 minute lessons. It was clear, powerful and to the point.

Commitment: Donna’s commitment and focus during the lessons was a big part of the success of the TAFYH course. The expectations for me were reasonable and doable, even though I had a lot of summer company.

Application: I feel very capable to help myself, my family and others to fing underlying health problems and to help with healing. It is so exciting that people can be helped with physical as well as emotional ailments.

Implications: The implications and domino effects of this course are huge. Everyone who was aware of my participation is learning by my example of helping myself. My tag team has had a good taste of the possibilities, healing and health successes that are available.

Reaching Others: I feel with my increase in knowledge along with the tools from this course I can reach more people who are searching for good health.

BSQ’s as a form of measurement: Before and after measurement with results showing works well. Who can’t see the improvements when symptoms disappear.

Comments: My hat is off to you Donna for you huge efforts in research, organization and presenting this course. I am so thankful that I was a participant in this valuable course.