Saturday, August 15, 2015

My Success Story by Chris. CEO

My Success Story by Chris

I am a true believer in the universal law of attraction and that my thoughts and energy guide me through life.  It was not a fluke that I found you or you found me.  I attracted this program to me and I am very happy I did.  The immediate results that I have experienced are only the beginning of my success.  I’m certain that my major story may never be told.  Living healthy with the principles of TAFYH will certainly be a long healthy positive love filled life.  My immediate results are most clearly:
1.       My psoriasis is better – I am confident that it will be cleared up soon.  Having just received my silver cream, I think it will really help speed up the process.
2.       My digestive system is feeling much better.  Again, I can tell that I’m on the path to perfect health
3.       My mood is the biggest improvement.  I am able to maintain a high energy positive attitude.  Very little depressed feelings anymore.

My Health Plan

My plan is to be in perfect health.  To never have a disease to live a strong and healthy life.  To have a strong powerful mind.  Thoughts become things.
1.       Psoriasis – continue to work on my leaky gut and cleaning my blood.  Using the silver gel and clear it up.
2.       Get my kids off sugar and bread
3.       Teach my sister about the program and work with her daughter to fix or at least help with her diabetes.
4.       Strengthen my mind. 
5.       Continue to use the herbals that make me healthy