Saturday, August 15, 2015

Steps for a good Health by Shauna ; Nursing Mom

Steps for a good Health by Shauna ; Nursing Mom
A - Activate: With exercise including, Biking, Hiking, Weights, Yoga, Trampoline, Water skiing, &
Snowboarding. I will do my Ionic Breathing, Dry brushing, Hot & Cold showers for the lymphatic
system and once I’ve competed breastfeeding, Cats Claw.
B- Build: Eat the right foods; No grains, Sugar, Gluten, Alcohol, legumes. Lots of Vegetables, low
glycemic fruit, Nuts, Seeds, fish, grass fed beef, and free range meets of all kind. But because
of lack of nutrients due to agricultural practices I will be adding a superfood smoothy daily
including all the colors of energy I will need to rebuild cells.
● Red- Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic
● Yellow- Flaw Hull Lignans
● White - Collatrim Plus
● Blue - water and berries
● Green - Chlorophyll
C - Cleanse: With Psyllium Hulls Combination. When I am done breastfeeding I will add the LBS
11, bowel cleanse, kidney flush, liver/gallbladder flush & Candida Clear.
D - Direct herbals to specific body system
● Glandular; Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Adrenals HS-C
● Nerves; Zerenity, & Focus ATN
● Structural; Liquid Calcium/ magnesium
● Circulation; MC
● Immune; Cat’s Claw, & Paw Paw ( when done Breastfeeding)
E - Express gratitude for the bodies ability to heal.