Saturday, August 15, 2015

.Success Story and Health Plan by Shane, CEO

.Success Story and Health Plan by Shane 

  BSQ before 68 after 13
2. Evaluation attached
3. Success story; my pains I would get under my left rib cage after meals has disappeared.  Overall body aches and pains are zero. I am sure that the latter aches were due to body wide inflammation, i.e. sore /achey joints, muscle pains and feelings of general unhappiness have gone. My attitude is more positive than ever because of the exercises that we had to complete during the TAFYH course.

The cleanses are simple and I will be doing many gall/liver cleanses as I have a history with gall bladder attacks.  This will also diminish because of my daily dietary changes (cutting out bad stuff) but I will have to clean up the past bad habits(gall stones) that still linger in my body.

My oldest son has responded well to the new education of cutting out sugar and adding healthier options.  He is not perfect yet so he sis a work in progress.

My weight has reduced from 91.6 kg to 87.6 kg (4 kg = 8.8 lbs) was effortless
BP start was 118/80 end is 120/75
Body temp start 36.2 C  and is now 36.5 C

This course is effective because you are help accountable. There are many people who are starving for this information but do not realize it is so easily accessible and easy to understand and implement. I have spoken to many about this course so hopefully they will not wait until they  have a health crisis before taken action.


A - activate = maintain exercising for a minimum of 20 minutes per day and make it fun
B - build = follow the breakfast smoothie with lunch salad and meat and veggies for dinner
C - cleanse = keep doing the kidney/bowel and liver cleanses at least once per month for maintenance or more during times of illness
D - keep the focus on the body system that needs work namely my lungs
E - express gratitude =  I have a journal that I fill in daily with 5 things that I am grateful for that day. This will help you stay positive during times of difficulty.

thanks again for the course and all the participants that made it valuable.   I may repeat this course again in a  few years due to new info coming to light.