Saturday, August 15, 2015

TAFYH Evaluation by Michele , Oncology Massage Therapist

TAFYH Evaluation by Michele , Massage Therapist

Time: The time allotted for the class on a daily basis was easily manageable although it cut into my morning work time. (11:30 am for me in Montreal) Fortunately my schedule is flexible and I was always able to happily accommodate for the lesson.  In twenty minutes, we are pressed to be attentive and concise. Goes to show how much one can get accomplished in a few minutes a day. I enjoyed taking my time at home going over the lesson and researching and really reflecting on the lessons, and my goals, and my progress. I found myself having a nice reason and motivation to wake up earlier to prepare for that day’s lesson. I must admit, sometimes I would spend a lot more time than I thought I would. I was definitely interested!! Time very well spent!!

Participation: One’s participation and involvement in this class directly impacts how much one gets out of it. I loved having contact with other participants on a daily basis, sharing questions and also life and health events. I love being held responsible for doing all my daily and weekly tasks and having them documented and shared with the group. I felt everyone’s sincere participation and desire to get healthy and change their lifestyle; this was empowering. I had a great Tag team that was just as involved in reading my journal and commenting and supporting me through this. Their participation definitely held me in those more difficult moments.

Education: So much of what I suspected about health and nutrition was confirmed in this class. I learned invaluable information and what stood out for me is the concept that herbs and supplements, if they are of good quality, will never hurt you. I enjoyed that the information wasn’t dumbed down. At this point, my curiosity has been piqued and I am motivated to learn more. I do believe this has catalyzed a career change for me!

Structure: The structure was clear, organized and logical. It helped to make the process efficient.

Information: I think the information that was chosen to be part of this class was carefully chosen and summarizes a lifetime of work and investigation and research and exploration. I am so grateful for this effort. What were shared were essential, fundamental concepts that are most important to know how to maintain health and to empower us to do so.

Commitment: For me, commitment came easily because I was so interested and had my own personal motivation to seek the truth.

Application: It was very nice for me to review some principles of Chinese medicine from the angle of nutrition. Having studied Chinese physiology in my massage therapy studies of shiatsu massage, all this rang true. What stands out for me is my personal success story with TAFYH. I was guided to trust when I feared the healing crisis, I experienced so clearly the various effects and benefits of taking the supplements on a daily basis, some of which I will include in my diet for the rest of my life!!! I feel I can guide and support anyone who chooses to do TAFYH or any kind of lifestyle change because I have struggled myself and have solid results to rely on.

Implications: When you know better, you do better! I work in the field of oncology as a massage therapist. I support people who go through the atrocities of chemotherapy, adjunct drug therapy, radiation and surgery. This course is the culmination of a year long process to find a better way!!! I have outgrown the hospital and current medical approach to cancer. I have cared for too many good people who have suffered and died unnecessarily as a result of the proposed treatments. Knowing what I know now, I must leave my job at the hospital as I am no longer able to participate in the drug “Empire”. I don’t know how I will transition or where I will end up. I have accumulated a lot of knowledge about cancer in the last 9 years and I wish to continue to help people with cancer but how I help them will change. I will keep you posted J

Reaching others: I feel compelled to help others and spread the truth about how simple health can be and how healing herbs and supplements are. I have the strength and determination to speak the truth and my deepest desire is to inspire others to take action and responsibility for their health.

BSQ as form of measurement: the BSQ is complete!!! It is simple to do and increases health and body awareness. Brilliant, good job to whoever designed it!!

Comments: I have nothing but good things to say about this course. I wish everyone could do this course. I wish I could teach this class to all my patients that are done chemotherapy treatments! I enjoyed the efficiency of this class. I found it hard to stay on course sometimes but that is because I am human and nothing worthwhile ever comes without effort. I feel lucky that Donna was my leader for this class. Thank you for supporting me through my health crisis and although it may have been frustrating at times to deal with my skepticism, I appreciate you repeating the same principles over and over until I got them! This was life enhancing and career changing!!