Saturday, August 15, 2015

TAFYH Evaluation by Shane, CEO

Time: I found that the time allocated for the lessons was well structured and to the point.
Participation: The participation portion of this training was invaluable because people would highlight points from the previous day's lesson that you missed and this helped you to go back and review the information for more helpful data
Education: The education had a lot of wow factor because this is information that is out there that is currently suppressed because it is cheap to apply and more effective than what we have been taught through the current information channels. The education is easy to apply and one has no excuse for taking responsibility for your own health.
Structure: The structure is solid and I would not change anything about that because it keeps us on track and on time.
Information: The information presented can easily overwhelm you because of its simplicity and because we have been exposed to bad education up till this point. it is not always easy to learn that you have been misled by people that you had trust. This does require that you have an open mind and be willing to apply these principles for yourself to prove that they are real and that the benefits will help you and those you love. This will help you and your family stay healthy and out of the doctors rooms in the future because diet is crucial for good health.
Commitment: In terms of commitment it is important to follow all the points laid out by this course in terms of your tag team accountability. It is small daily commitments that make the changes more achievable and with the journaling it helps you be aware of what you need to do to stay on track to make this successful.
Application: Having applied the basic principles taught in this course gives 1 confidence that you can help yourself in the future along with those that you love. We now have a blueprint for maintaining a healthy body. What makes this even more effective is that the products that we use are of the best quality that one can by.
Implications: There is a cause and effect principle that applies to all things that we do in life. Now that we have learned some of these principles we can now apply these and help others to learn about this. I have spoken to many people about this course and hopefully they will reach out and do the course to educate themselves. People express interest but unfortunately they will wait until they are faced with a dire consequence before they take action rather than looking at this as an insurance policy against losing your quality of life.
Reaching Others: In terms of reaching others, the most effective way is to speak to those people that you know as they trust you and when you get results after applying these principles they will talk to people that they know and this probably be the most effective way of reaching others. Although you can talk until you are blue in the face the ultimate way is to lead by example and apply these things and people will start to notice the results that you are achieving and only then will you have a perceptive person.
BSQ’s as form of measurement: I love the BSQ’s!! I found that the people I asked to do them were very open to them and purchased product.  They see that it is a snapshot of their health.
I really like how it pinpoints the system that they need to work on.
I can follow up with them and do another BSQ and get all their systems working properly.  As a health coach I can see how you could work with a person for a while getting their different systems under control. An excellent tool!
Comments: The questionnaire is a good self-assessment and people are not intimidated by it or feel that you are interrogating them about their health. They have full control of the answers that they provide and makes them more open to look at the facts that they themselves have put down on paper.
This questionnaire allows the individual to compare two points in time and is a convincing measurable for the improvement made.
The Nature's Sunshine Products are the best.

This was a very good investment to make and I will happily recommend this course.