Saturday, August 15, 2015

TAFYH Evaluation by Shauna

TAFYH Evaluation by Shauna
Time; With having children 2 and under I was a little weary about the 8:30 start as my husband
has already left for work and my day with the kids begins. I thought this would be challenging
and almost backed out however I found that 15-20 mins was very duable, one child went for a
nap while the other watched his favorite show. It worked!
Participation; I love the accountability. With having a new baby I needed a kick in the butt to
get back on track with exercise, food, supplements and herbs. This is what TAFYH was for me a
good kick in the butt.
Education; This education has given me a greater understanding and greater confidence to help
others. It has been priceless information that I can continue to refer back to. I look forward to
continuing to use the information to keep myself, family & friends healthy and aware.
Structure; I found the structure necessary as I have been in coaching groups before where they
have gone on too long. With having two small children I did not have this time. The classes
were short and to the point with valuable information exchanged.
Information; The information was incredible, because of my journey healing from cancer with
the Paw Paw program, and my health coaching certification, some of it was repeat
information. The beauty of this is every time it is repeated I have a better understanding and
the information really sinks in. However, there was a huge amount of info I did not know, and
the way it was applied really helped me make sense of how the body really works.
Commitment; Having the class consistently at 8:30 am Monday through Friday and for only
15-20 minutes at a time made it very easy to be committed. I looked forward to my call every
day and am going to miss not reporting in morning.
Application; Listening to the Lesson given, then journaling the lesson and then repeating the
information the next day and listening to what other had picked up from the lesson was an
amazing way of learning and really helped retain what was being taught.
Implication; The Implication of this program is something I started taking on years ago when
diagnosed with cancer with the Paw Paw program. This gave me a good start and has been
something I have strived to live by ever since . However the in depth detail that is taught
through the TAFYH program is priceless and gave me a better understanding of why these
actions make sense.
Reaching Others; Reporting to our TAG Teams was incredible. I found everyone very supportive
and had many friends ask more questions about the information given. I also know from
reporting to everyone it motivated a few ladies to start their exercise program again and ask
questions about what it was I was up to.
BSQ’s; As a form of measurement; I found this very useful, to know where my weak areas are
so I can focus in on healing. Also to see my progress throughout the program was very useful.
Having the BSQ’s also give’s me the confidence to help others heal. Amazing!
Comments; I am very grateful I chose to take the time for this program. When beginning TAFYH
I almost pulled out because I thought it was to early, being only a few months after giving birth
to my second son it seemed a little overwhelming. However I pushed through and it has only
benefited me and my family. Even though I could not take all the herbs suggested my energy
has skyrocketed, I’ve lost ten pounds and the pain in my body no longer exists.
I did It! Three months ago I would have never guessed I could feel this good. My skin/psoriasis
has completely cleared up . I work out, eat amazing foods and take my supplements every day.
This gives me the energy and stamina to keep my house in good order, work on my business
and have time for my family. My son is now sleeping through the night and so am I. I wake up
feeling well rested and energized! The pain I felt in my internal organs and my shoulder is
completely gone. My memory is the best it’s ever been and continues to improve, I amaze
myself everyday with my quick recall like never before. This is the life! I thank the universe and
am grateful everyday for the opportunities that come our way! Money flows into my life with
ease and grace and our family constantly experiencing a life of abundance. I do not have to
return to work because I have created a profitable business from home. I make a difference in
people’s lives with my Positive attitude, Knowledge, & Knowhow. I am grateful for my Family &
Friends and the people who I don’t know who contribute to this wonderful life! Life is good and
So it is!!!...
● I have a powerful and healthy brain
● I have a perfect Intestines
● I have a healthy liver and gall bladder
● I have healthy kidneys
● I have incredibly youthful, radiant and healthy skin
● I have healthy joints