Saturday, August 15, 2015


BSQ 68 down to 13
Lost 9 pounds and basic body temperature increased.
Liked the small daily sound bytes of information.
Being accountable to the team and to the TAG team was significant.
The suffering digestive problem has subsided,
Joint aches and pains have decreased.
Big change was the mood and attitude change.
TAFYH takes away the excuses of relying on institutions.
Success is directly proportional to my efforts.
Small daily actions lead to long term results.
Prevention is cheap.
Creating a vision board, a journal, gratitude led to awareness of yourself
I am in control.

I work in the hospital as a massage therapist with cancer clients.
I want to help people with cancer.
I had no idea we would talk about cancer.
I want to do TAFYH with these people.
I have told everyone at work and all  my friends,
I am a leader and I have big plans and big dreams to help people with cancer.
TAFYH is the best kept secret,
It is transformational.
I loved the contacts with the participants.
I loved being responsible.
It was well designed, well structured and concise.
TAFYH is a life time of work, investigation, research and well documented.

BSQ score of 111 dropped to 33.
I was inspired by the others and their stories.
TAFYH was incredible and awesome.
I am thankful for the design.
It motivated me to stay on track.
Journalling, counting blessings and being grateful each day changed my life.
I quit smoking!!
TAFYH gave me more respect for my body.
I had lung congestion lately and I went to see a doctor who gave me antibiotics. Fear almost made me take them but I did not take them. I took Cat's Claw instead.
I put this nutritional therapy to work and I see a huge improvement.

I took TAFYH on a whim. I heard Donna speak on a radio talk show and it sounded like it make sense to me.
Ia m very busy but the 15 minutes a day fit so well into my day.
It all made sense. It was great.
It keeps you accountable and your get results.
TAFYH was a huge eye opener for me ; Candida, sugar, bread ( I grew up on sugar and bread)
My digestive system has improved and I feel great.
I run a large company of 120 employees. If I show up in a good positive mood than everyone has good days.
I have a large circle of influence and I have 5 people who are interested in doing TAFYH.
I was inspired by your leadershop. Your leadership is strong and kept me focused.

I always thought I was healthy but5 I see a huge improvement in my BSQ scores 107 dropped to 58.
I have way more energy, a sense of well being
Body weight is down and I am sleeping better.
To know there is hope, to keep going , knowing what to do and not being influenced by other people was huge for me.
I loved my TAG team who were so keen, so interested.
This was a wonderful adventure.

BSQ dropped from 75 to 42
TAFYH was the best thing I could have done in this time of my life when I am breast feeding a little one.
I recommitted to right foods, exercise, gratitudes.
My energy levels have skyrocketed
I don't need to take naps,
I have quality sleep and I am not laying awake at night.
When I ended up with food poisoning I took 12 Cat's Claw and the headaches and throwing up subsided within a day.
41/2 years ago I received my second  diagnosis of breast cancer on exactly the same breast area where I had a mastectomy.
AT age 29 I had chemo and radiation and took Tomoxifen and I got cancer back 2 years later so I knew the treatments I had did not work.
This time I did the Donna Roth Paw Paw program along with removing my mercury fillings , accupuncture, emotional clearing.
It is almost 5 years now and I have no cancer which is a whole lot longer than with the chemo I had done. I will keep going.
TAFYH gave me a huge amount of information that I did not know about how the body works.
The education gave me a great understanding and a lot of confidence.
I loved the accountability.

2 years ago I had infections in my mouth and my teeth were in bad shape
In Feb 2014 I had an enlarged lymph node on my neck and  CAT scan showed suspicios something.
On July 13.2014 I had a diagnostic surgery and this was a huge set back for me.
The morphine and anesthetic messed me up;constipation, dehydration, pain in the muscles, intestines were painful.
I stopped TAFYH and did Reiki
I have had fungus in my toes for years and 3 of them have now cleared up.
The arthritic pain has lessened.
I am taking the Smoothies again.
I am now getting more than 6 hours of sleep.
I am happy to hear of all the positive results from the team.