Friday, November 27, 2015

Health Plan


Actions for a perfect immune system, perfect brain functions, perfect eyesight and perfect general health :

A (activate) :
·        Ionic breathing, exercise (minimum 4 times/week), Cat’s Claw 3 to 9/day depending on testing.

B (build) :
·        Eat right food (Paleo diet).
·        Morning shake (Nutri Burn, Collatrim Plus, Arginine Plus, Mineral Chi Tonic, Zambroza, Nature’s Gold I, Flax Hull Lignans.

C (cleanse) :
·        Daily : Psyllium Hulls Combination.
·        Quaterly : Bowel cleanse or Tiao He Pak or Para Pak.
·        Quaterly : Liver Cleanse.
·        Quaterly : Kidney Flush.
·        Twice/year : Liver cleanse/galldbladder flush.

D (direct herbs) :
·        Digestion : Garden Essence
·        Circulatory : CO Q10
·        Nervous : Zerenity
·        Glandular : TS II, Mineral Chi Tonic, Adrenal Support.
·        Stuctural : ART-A, KB-C, Perfect Eye.

·        General : Chlorophylle with water.


TAFYH Evaluation from Isabelle 

Time : 15 minutes is the perfect duration for a lesson and enables to properly understand the lesson subject. For me though, 9 pm and English language made it more demending than usual.

Participation : It is an adequate format for both visual and auditory person.

Education : TAFYH enabled me to increase my knowledge on various themes but more especially I was able to link together a lot of topics I already knew about.

Structure : Once I better understood the principles of TAFYH it was easier to appreciate the program.

Information : The information received was very pertinent even if not all new for me. I was amazed by your approach, which was a new health philosophy to me.

Commitment : I felt it started very fast and that changes were not easy to apply, it made me realized that it is not only a TAFYH commitment but one with ourself. It was an amazing experience of commitment to one self, which is the most important step in my view.

Application : I wonder though if this exact format will be feasible for Quebec. I believe that with practice and with a Quebec marketing specialist (a close friend of mine) we could slighlty adapt the program to ensure that the kick-off start is effective and so that it becomes popular fast.
Examples of little changes :
-          An overall view of the program in a written format to better understand from the beginning what the program entails.
-          Think about a way to enroll particpants on sunshone rewards, so that they receive exactly waht they need in the good time.

Implications : What struck me the most is the consistency and the program structure, which are both mandatory to become a good TAFYH leader.

Reaching Others : The consistency and structure I listed above gave be enough confidence to be able to share it with others and to continue doing so.

BSQ’s as a form of measurement : It is an excellent tool to help anyone better understand how unbalanced their body and overall health are.

Comments : Above all I want to thank Donna for sharing the knowledge of this program with me and the others in our group. I am also very grateful for Rhea whom included me in her group.

The way this program makes us commit to ourself still surprises me in a very positive way. It is amazing how you prepare yourself for every phone call, how you go above and beyond yourself to make sure you will be able to respond a true YES to all criterias.


Dear Donna,

I really want to acknowledge you for the wonderful contribution you are bringing to the world with the Tafyh Program.

With gratitude for your support


Success Story

Result of TAFYH in my life
June 16th, 2015

At the beginning of TAFYH , my BSQ score was :
- nervous system          7
- glandular system        7
- urinary system            6
- circulatory system      6
- structural system        6
Today, my BSQ is :
- nervous system            1
- glandular system          5
- urinary system              5
- circulatory system        2
- structural system         1
My blood pressure is normal. I don’t have loose stool.
I lost 4 pounds. I don’t experiment fatigue in the afternoon.
I have a better posture.
At the beginning, my body temperature was 35,9 C, it is now 36,6 C.
Candida test is better but not perfect yet.
I sleep well. I feel calmer and peaceful.


TAFYH Evaluation

TAFYH Evaluation

Time : I found this to be very acceptable. I have appreciated ending the day being in a « ahha » state. I found it amazing how much information can be given in 15 minutes.
Participation : Being part of a team was very precious, especially with a team of persons I appreciate a lot. Mostly every day, we stayed on the line to share. This participation will continue after TAFYH given that we are doing the translation.
Education : The education I have received in the past few weeks is invaluable to me. It covers a range of subjects that allow to embrace health as a whole with more scientific knowledge.
Structure : This structure is a real support to sustain the rythm. No waste of time and focus on the intention of the course.
Information : New information every day! I am always happy to learn something new about health. I had to make some ajustment and say things differently. I hear me saying : « I didn’t know that before. If I had known it, I would have acted differently or made a different decision.»
Having the lessons in a print form so I could read the lessons when I as away was a big plus. Being able to review the information over and over again is a big plus too.
Commitment : Commitment is very important if I want to have the results at the end of the Program. I think that it brought ease.
Application : I will stay on Paleo Diet that I found easy to follow. I will continue to share my new understanding of the body fonctions and how quality nutrition and supplements can support the body to stay healthy and to recover health.

Implications : I will spread the information that TAFYH is available to everyone. I plan to do a TAFYH Program  before the end of this year.
Reaching others : Share, share and share. I will do follow-up with every participant in my Tag Team and inform them of a TAFYH Program available.
BSQ’s as form of measurement : A tool that I knew was available but I didn’t use it. It makes me aware of its value. I really like how it pinpoints the system that they need to work on. For every person I will receive in consultation, I will now use it.
Comments : I am very grateful to you and for all the work you did to be able to provide TAFYH for the Health of the Nation. I am aligned with you to make your vision coming true.
I thank you so much for everything.


June16th, 2015

Vision of Health

My Health Plan
June 17th, 2015

Vision of my health
I have a healthy nervous system
I have a powerful healthy brain
I have a normal blood pressure
I have a healthy liver and galbladder
I have a healthy posture and joints
I have a healthy glandular system
I have a healthy urinary system
I weight 150 pounds


A activate with Cat’s claw, LH-C, exercice (30 mi/day), ionic breathing.
B buid with paleo diet, Essential Liquid Minerals and Mineral Chi Tonic, Nature’s Gold, Green Zone, Flax Lignans, Zambroza, Collatrim Plus, Nutri- Burn and good night’s sleep.
C cleanse with Psyllium, Aloes Vera Juice, Bifidophilus Bifidus, Water (3 liters), Chlorophyll.
D direct to Nervous System : Stress Formula, Super Trio, Super Omega 3.
               To Hepatic System : Milk Thistle.
               To digestive System : Zinc, Marshmallow and Pepsin.
N.B. : I will ajust products and quantity with Rhéa every 6 to 8                          weeks.
E express my gratitude for having access to this new knowledge through you, Donna, and for having tools through Nature’s Sunshine.

July - Candida Clear
August - Bowel Cleanse, Kidney flush, Liver cleanse and gall bladder flush
October - Parasites
December - Bowel cleanse, Kidney flush, Liver cleanse
February - Bowel cleanse, Kidney flush, Liver cleanse and gall bladder flush
April - Taio He Pak
June - Bowel cleanse, Kidney flush, Liver cleanse

Sunday, November 22, 2015

TAFYH Health Vision Statements

Vision Statement
“My body is my vessel, my best friend. On my path I constantly meet people who help me gain knowledge on how to really be in sync with my body, may it be physical, emotional and spiritual. I, in return fully embody health principles and lead by example. Easily, I eat the right food, I adopt a harmonious lifestyle and I exercise. I am energetic, fun and in the action. I incarnate what empowering ourselves means by being the creator of my life in the here and now.” Sacheen

> Health Statement by Rose
> > I live in a strong, lean and flexible body,
> > I can stretch gracefully, I eat healthy, and I am at the perfect weight for my body.
> > My lungs are strong and clear and my skin is glowing.
> > I have energy everyday to take care of myself and my family
> > My mind is clear, kind, and attentive

My Vision of Health by Kelly-Anne
 I radiate vitality, health and positive energy from the inside out. My body is wise and I listen to its wisdom. I am grounded and balanced and my endocrine, lymphatic and respiratory systems are in perfect flow. With each day I am creating a body that is hydrated and free of inflammation. My blood is rich with oxygen, and the food I eat nourishes every cell. I care for myself through exercise, eating the right foods, and getting proper rest. I show gratitude for my abundant life by sharing my gifts with others.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

TAFYH Tidbits

My name is Michele.
I became a TAFYH leader because I had a health issue I wanted to resolve. I read many books; I searched the internet. I talked to many people involved with health and everyone had different suggestions and different products.  For years I have been working with a naturopath to help with my IBS, allergies and food intolerances. Upon her suggestion, I enrolled in TAFYH. I tried many things but nothing worked as well as TAFYH, which presented me with the sound, scientifically documented educational information I needed to make the right choices regarding foods, super foods, supplements and herbals. I was truly empowered and confident with this information. TAFYH allowed me to take action for my own health with the guidance of a caring TAFYH leader and coach. (Donna Roth) Within a few short weeks I was feeling different. After experiencing a health crisis where my body rid itself of infection and parasites, I felt lighter, more energetic. My thoughts were clearer. My cellulite disappeared and abdominal cramps stopped.  By the end of TAFYH I got amazing results. I lost 10 lbs over the course of the program. I have found my dancer’s waistline again!! Well, almost, I’m at 29 inches! I got rid of total body inflammation. I got rid of intestinal parasites and cellulite. My skin glows. I have more mental clarity; I am more able to be objective. I have steady, stable and available energy. Most importantly, I have tools to evaluate my state of health and I know what to do when my body is out of balance. Not only did I get results, everyone in my team got results. Shauna has been cancer free longer on nutritional supplements than on chemotherapy. Chris, who is the CEO of a large corporation, sees the positive impact of his good health on the quality of day he and his employees have, Karen is full of exploding energy, Pat now has a deep respect for her body and conquered smoking. Margot, who is coping with squamous cell carcinoma, has experienced much needed deep cleansing after a reaction to anaesthesia and morphine.

 I then decided that I wanted to become a TAFYH leader and this is when I took the TAFYH training with Donna Roth and had the opportunity to hear the results that other TAFYH leaders experienced