Friday, November 27, 2015


TAFYH Evaluation from Isabelle 

Time : 15 minutes is the perfect duration for a lesson and enables to properly understand the lesson subject. For me though, 9 pm and English language made it more demending than usual.

Participation : It is an adequate format for both visual and auditory person.

Education : TAFYH enabled me to increase my knowledge on various themes but more especially I was able to link together a lot of topics I already knew about.

Structure : Once I better understood the principles of TAFYH it was easier to appreciate the program.

Information : The information received was very pertinent even if not all new for me. I was amazed by your approach, which was a new health philosophy to me.

Commitment : I felt it started very fast and that changes were not easy to apply, it made me realized that it is not only a TAFYH commitment but one with ourself. It was an amazing experience of commitment to one self, which is the most important step in my view.

Application : I wonder though if this exact format will be feasible for Quebec. I believe that with practice and with a Quebec marketing specialist (a close friend of mine) we could slighlty adapt the program to ensure that the kick-off start is effective and so that it becomes popular fast.
Examples of little changes :
-          An overall view of the program in a written format to better understand from the beginning what the program entails.
-          Think about a way to enroll particpants on sunshone rewards, so that they receive exactly waht they need in the good time.

Implications : What struck me the most is the consistency and the program structure, which are both mandatory to become a good TAFYH leader.

Reaching Others : The consistency and structure I listed above gave be enough confidence to be able to share it with others and to continue doing so.

BSQ’s as a form of measurement : It is an excellent tool to help anyone better understand how unbalanced their body and overall health are.

Comments : Above all I want to thank Donna for sharing the knowledge of this program with me and the others in our group. I am also very grateful for Rhea whom included me in her group.

The way this program makes us commit to ourself still surprises me in a very positive way. It is amazing how you prepare yourself for every phone call, how you go above and beyond yourself to make sure you will be able to respond a true YES to all criterias.