Sunday, November 22, 2015

TAFYH Health Vision Statements

Vision Statement
“My body is my vessel, my best friend. On my path I constantly meet people who help me gain knowledge on how to really be in sync with my body, may it be physical, emotional and spiritual. I, in return fully embody health principles and lead by example. Easily, I eat the right food, I adopt a harmonious lifestyle and I exercise. I am energetic, fun and in the action. I incarnate what empowering ourselves means by being the creator of my life in the here and now.” Sacheen

> Health Statement by Rose
> > I live in a strong, lean and flexible body,
> > I can stretch gracefully, I eat healthy, and I am at the perfect weight for my body.
> > My lungs are strong and clear and my skin is glowing.
> > I have energy everyday to take care of myself and my family
> > My mind is clear, kind, and attentive

My Vision of Health by Kelly-Anne
 I radiate vitality, health and positive energy from the inside out. My body is wise and I listen to its wisdom. I am grounded and balanced and my endocrine, lymphatic and respiratory systems are in perfect flow. With each day I am creating a body that is hydrated and free of inflammation. My blood is rich with oxygen, and the food I eat nourishes every cell. I care for myself through exercise, eating the right foods, and getting proper rest. I show gratitude for my abundant life by sharing my gifts with others.