Sunday, December 6, 2015

Evaluation by Katherine

 Here is my evaluation  
 Time:  liked early morning and the 15 minutes  was enough time for the lessons they were very informative concise easy to understand  
Participation .. enjoy being part of this TAFYH team and learning basic health principals
Education: TAFYH solidified for me the ABC plus D approach to better health great teaching and  materials all through lessons
 Structure:For me it was very interesting. educational  with   practical applications
Information, a wealth of knowledge and experience shared by Donna  to reinforce  making right food choices, NSP products,  when put all together can change  poor health to good  health and stronger bodies.  Loved information
Commitment:  one has to make commitment, a priority for better health , leadership what ever it may be I liked being committed to the every morning calls, homework and committed to the team for support we all get from each other .
Application I will continue  to do the TAFYH program eating right exercise  supplements  and be grateful
Implications :share with others 
Very grateful to Donna for her passion in helping others through educating us on giving us  tools we can use to better our own  health with no fear, Taking our health back  God bless u Donna

My success story  At the start of TAFYH my Intestinal was 14 now its 10 Circulation was 10 now its 5 and glandular was 10 now its 4 learned.I how important our body systems are and how much my intestinal system needed help. I see a difference not only on the BSQ  but I feel so much better  I like ionic breathing and enjoy my walks, long walks now and down 7. lbs    Katherine