Sunday, December 6, 2015

Paddy's Medical Journey

Paddy's Medical Journey…
 My ears were the start of my health problems.I was suffering from chronic ear canal itch which led to inflammation and then infection resulting in antibiotics etc. which goes back approximately 10 years They would heal up and  be OK for year, or two after numerous visits to the ENT dr. who put me on ear drops to minimize the itching,Cortisone plus Ointment. The problem persisted so  I decided to go back to the ENT specialist. He told me there was absolutely nothing else they could do, all he could offer was refer me to a dermatologist to get stronger grades of Cortisone which I didn't do.
Which led to more hearing test. This year…… The results showed that my hearing in my left ear was minimal compared to the right so they suspected an acoustic Neuroma which led to MRIs of my brain. No Neuroma was found, however, this is when they noticed lesions on my brain and I was referred to the neurologist. At this time, I was subjected to extensive testing and more MRIs. Eventually I was diagnosed with MS and prescribed a certain medication with numerous life threatening side effects. I Did not know what to do.
With all that said, I had started to change my diet and started making healthier choices in what I was eating. In speaking to one of my brothers he recommended that I should take the TAFYH course.  While taking this course  I have seen remarkable changes in my overall health and well-being. I have no more chronic itching and my hearing is recovering in my left ear. I'm really grateful for what I have learned. I now have the tools I need to be healthy once again. I am also grateful for the support I received from each member in my group Dana, Donna, Kathryn,  Tom and our leader Donna. And all my family and friends. There is some other noticeable changes. The pins and needles in my left arm have subsided. On the emotional side I no longer wake up at night feeling fearful and unable to cope with my situation.