Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Success Story by Katherine

 When I first started the TAFYH I didn’t know what all to expect , but each week as I learned very important health building  principals
I started to see some changes in my health I was concerned about my weight as I know it is unhealthy and the extra weight is hard on my body
I noticed how much over this  summer when we sold our home and I had all the packing and getting rid of stuff I was tired and hurt from the extra weight   My feet hurt
back extra , Following the TAFYH program I have taken off 7 lbs. which is a  great start , because I couldn’t get any thing off before TAFYH , My back feels better I think is also part of  the kidney flush
and  it  opened my eyes to other  health issues I am working on to improve
the BSQ showed the intestinal , circulation and glandular  that need support  over the last few weeks I have  started  to see improvement
I learned about Lectins and the right foods  and working on changing  my diet  I love TAFYH it gives choices, education encouragement ,  accountability and freedom of making better health choices with out fear....
I also had my old fillings removed a while ago  I was shocked,   at how much better I felt  , no more headaches ,  a huge improvement in over all health It was unbelievable the difference
TAFYH is  my new way of life     Thank-you Donna