Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Success Story

I was diagnosed with lung cancer in June 2013.  In October 2013 I had the upper right lobe of my lungs removed and in February 2014, I had the upper left lobe of my lungs removed.  After regular CT scans following those surgeries, in June 2015, I was once again diagnosed with cancer in the lower right lobe.  After 2 rounds of chemo, I decided I was not doing that anymore, and went on the Paw Paw Program the first week of August 2015.
I began the TAFYH program on October 26, 2015.  Following the program has really made a difference in my health.
When I completed the BSQ at the beginning of the program, my total score was 85.  I have just completed another BSQ and my score is 52!  The 3 top body system scores have dropped:
-          Glandular from 13 to 8
-          Nerves from 11 to 6
-          Intestional from 10 to4
The remaining body systems all dropped with the exception of one.
-          I no longer have intestinal bloating.
-          I am no longer constipated.  I have 2 and sometimes 3 bowel movements per day.
-          My mental/emotional state has improved dramatically.  I have lost my fear of the word “cancer” and I feel very positive that I will get my health back.  I don’t sit and worry like I did a couple of months ago – I am able to relax.  I have also let go of a lot of anger and resentment that I had been feeling.
-          My body temperature overall has improved slightly and some days my hands and feet feel quite warm.
-          Candida saliva test has improved.
-          I have done the bowel, kidney and liver cleanse.
-          I have completely went off cholesterol pills, sleeping pills and pills for depression.
-          I have lost close to 20 pounds since starting the Paw Paw Program

Saskatoon SK