Thursday, December 10, 2015

TAFYH Evaluation by Dana

TAFYH Evaluation by Dana
Time: You can learn so much in 15 minutes. Everyone can spare 15 minutes when it comes to our health.

Participation: The positive comments and expressions from the group is very encouraging and supportive. It's nice to know that others are on the same page as you . Knowing that others are with you in doing the assignments and cleanses gives you determination to complete them. You feel like if you said you're going to do it, then you should, you're committed.

Education: The education you receive in this program is invaluable. It's given me a new understanding of my body and body systems and what is required to repair it and keep it in good repair. It's so simple and makes perfect sense. I can't believe that I never knew these simple truths before.

Structure: I enjoyed the structure of the program. Having the time at the beginning of the lessons  is great for answering questions or concerns. As well, having the same structure everyday, I knew what to expect and felt comfortable.

Information: I have learned so much from this program. Something new everyday. Being able to print it out and go over it was really good. I was surprised at how big my binder was at the end of the program. I learned a lot.

Commitment: Committing to 15 minutes 5 days a week is not much really when you think about it. We probably waste 15 minutes a day just on our phones or browsing the internet. 

Application: In the TAFYH program it is easy to apply what you learn. The print out sheets on the many herbs and supplements are great references and aids in knowing which herbs work for different body systems. It is clear and easy to understand how to apply what you are taught.

Implications: I was eager to share what I was learning.  It amazes me how little we know about food and food choices. I would often say little things to my tag team like "do something for your health today or make time to do a little exercise". When you learn what is needed to be healthy and feel good, you want to encourage others to do the same. When people see your personal results they can see that our lifestyle and choices in life affect how we feel and who we are.

Reaching Others: I want people to benefit from what I have learned. I have confidence when I talk to others about how the choices we make affect our health.

BSQ's as form of measurement: These forms are excellent in helping you identify body systems that need to be worked on. They are easy to fill out. They are also a great way to see the progress you are making in working on a certain body system.

Comments: I am so glad that I was introduced to this program. What I have learned has changed my life and lifestyle. Having the support of others in the class was very encouraging and helped me to work hard to get my health back. There was so much that I learned and I have seen results from the herbs and supplements. I would highly recommend this program to anyone with any type of health issue or who would just like to learn about how our bodies work and how to keep it healthy.