Sunday, December 6, 2015


TIME:  I really liked having the daily calls in the morning.  That way it left all of the afternoon and evening free and allowed time to do the readings and assignments.  It was also nice to call in 5 minutes or so early and have time for questions.
PARTICIPATION:  I liked the small group setting.  Five participants is a perfect group.  I liked hearing everyone’s “ahha’s” and “concepts” from our readings.  It was amazing how many times we would pick out the same ones!  I feel like the people in my group have become my friends.
EDUCATION:  I have learned so much since the beginning of the course.  I did not realize how important good nutrition is to good health.  I also did not know that most of our food nowadays has little or no nutritional value and so we have to take good quality supplements to help achieve good health.  The body cleanse information is very helpful.  The lessons were very reader friendly and easy to understand.  Best of all, everything I read made perfect sense.
STRUCTURE:  Structure was good.  We knew exactly what we had to do every day and report back the next day.  It made me accountable to my TAFYH group and to my TAG team.
INFORMATION:  There was so much information and it really made me realize that doctor-prescribed drugs are not the answer – these drugs are a treatment, not a cure.  We learned everything from which foods to eat, to causes of inflammation, to how our teeth affect our health.  Every day I would learn something that I didn’t know and it’s so sad that all our lives we have been given the wrong information about looking after our bodies.
COMMITMENT:  It was important to commit to the calls every day and it didn’t take much time out of my life!  It kept me on track and accountable.
APPLICATION:  Since I started the Paw Paw Program and TAFYH, I am no longer afraid of the word “cancer”.  Gaining knowledge has given me the power to do what I have to do to get my health back.  I don’t obsess over my disease and I feel very positive.  I eat the right food, take my supplements and smoothies every day and plan to keep doing this.   The cost is nothing compared to the alternative.  It is a life program.
IMPLICATIONS:  If we don’t take control of our own health, no one else will!  Instead of taking a drug for this and a drug for that, we can heal our own bodies by following the TAFYH Program.  If one body system is not working properly, it affects all other body systems.  We can change that! 
REACHING OTHERS:  Reporting to my TAG Team every day got information out to them about what I am doing to get healthy.  I would also include little tidbits from the information sent to the group daily, and I quite often was asked a question from members of my TAG Team when they responded to my email. 
BSQ’s as Form of Measurement:  This is a great questionnaire.  It pinpoints exactly what systems in my body needed the most work.  I sent the questionnaire to my TAG Team as well and some of them found it very informative.  This planted the seed in their heads.
COMMENTS:  I am so grateful to Donna Roth for providing a course of this type.  You can’t find it anywhere else.  It’s a lot of information and yet it takes so little time to put the program into a daily practice.  I will always have the information to look back on, re-read, and pick something new from it that I didn’t catch the first time.  The TAFYH Program has completely changed my ideas on how to achieve a healthy body.  I really enjoyed the course and learned so much.  I’m going to miss the daily calls with Donna and my group!
By Donna