Thursday, January 14, 2016


EVALUATION JANUARY 14, 2016   TAFYH Completion
I really liked the common sense approach to these classes; Donna has made it simple and easy to understand. The amount of comprehensible information is astounding in such a short amount of time: 15 minutes every day. This has been one of the best courses I have ever invested in and once again my intuition has guided me to receive the answers I have been looking for not only for myself but to also assist others on their healing journeys.
This education is not taught anywhere else, we now know more about the body’s functions, needs and issues than most in the medical field. I have an even stronger conviction to knowing my own body and how to take full responsibility for my wellness. The
I feel strong, courageous and confident to assess any and all health situations and to figure out what to suggest for a miracle in healing also known as a common sense approach, using herbs in doses that create a therapeutic approach. Committing to the classes, the smoothies, exercising, eating right, connecting and sharing with my friends has helped me to change my old habits and to look forward to knowing the challenges that we all face in forming new habits. Some may not be ready or willing to accept a new way of dealing with old body issues. But then some might be ready to hear this, as my responsibility, I will reach out my hand and share this information. Some will some won’t, next…
The Body System Questionnaire is an excellent tool to see what is really going on in a body and the ABCD is a great way to address the issues. Both the health coach and the client can use this tool as a measure to their health and their weaknesses.
In these 8 weeks my BSQ has gone from 52 to 23 and although I didn’t have any gnawing health issues I have noticed the following:

*A newfound alertness when I awaken in the morning.
*My body temperature is beginning to steadily rise
*I lost 5 lbs
*I have lost my taste for wine and all alchohol, after having a glass of wine most evenings with dinner for the past several years, I simply don’t want it anymore.

As for my husband, this is what has changed and is changing:

*he has stopped eating sugar and sweets, he has had a sweet tooth or what I now know to be an addiction to sugar for many years.
*he chooses to get more sleep and go to bed earlier (he is a night owl)
*he doesn’t sleep in as long on  the weekends
*his elimination is more complete
*He feels good when he is working out
*he doesn’t eat as much as he used to

In conclusion, I am grateful for the opportunity to receive this information and knowledge and am looking forward to assisting others who are desiring to upgrade their currant state of health.

My ABCD is as follows:
A- Actvate
Ionic Breathing, Walk 45 minutes 5 days a week
Smoothie: Chinese mineral chi tonic, Aloe Vera, Solstic, Astragulas, Cat’s claw, Capsicum, syner protein, LBS, psyllium husks,Blueberries, water,
C-Cleanse: chlorophyll, psyllium hulls combination, LBS11
D-Direct: Silver Shield, flax hull lignans, MC, VitD, Super Omega 3