Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Here is My Health Statement

Here is my health statement ;
I wake up to the first rays of light streaming in through the window, and feel my body awash in gratefulness.   I bounce out of bed with the spryness and enthusiasm of a child on Christmas morning.  Today, the gift of life is waiting for me again, and I silently thank my body for vibrating with health.
I hum to myself as I wander to the kitchen to take my supplements and make my smoothie to begin my day.  I am thankful for this routine which has me loving each more day than the last, and feeling younger, more energetic, and full of vitality each day.

I eat the right foods, breathe, exercise, commit and create health unconsciously as a habit each day, and give thanks to my family, friends, and partner for their loving support.  My health fills me with possibilities and I gain greater clarity, insight, and happiness each day as I relax into the vital health of my Peter