Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jerry’s Health Statement

Jerry’s Health Statement
I am accessing the infinite source of God, the Universe’s energy at all times and am connected to its source of all. I vibrate in the energy of love. I lovingly release all block, resistance, thought patterns that prevent me from having optimal health.
I am becoming the health change that I want to be and what I was meant to be. I am committed to a lifelong learning to continuously improve and keep healthy.
I accept and allow the following or something better to manifest my health for me and all involved for the highest good, as follows:
-          My brain is clear and has all the Omegas and functioning perfectly with all the oxygen needed
-          I sleep soundly through the night with 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.
-          My endocrine system functions perfectly
-          My blood pressure is 115/75
-          My ph is 7.2
-          My circulation is perfect and have a comfortable feeling in my knees and legs
-          I breathe effortlessly
-          I have physical stamina of a 30 yr old body
-          My toes are clear of all fungus
-          My lumbar and total spine is relaxed and perfectly aligned with all of its nervous system conducting perfectly
-          My digestive system functions optimally without gas, bloating and constipation, inflammation, IBS, nor leaky gut. My liver & gallbladder are healthy and clear
-          All my hormones are balanced.
How can my health be better than that?
Thank you, thank you,

 and so it is.